5GB of free storage, in the Amazon Cloud

By Mir
March 29, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Been looking at ways to do a little bit of data back-up online? This morning Amazon rolled out Amazon Cloud, their data storage service that not only allows you to back up anything you want, but lets you play music directly from your archive. 5GB of storage is always going to be free, and if you buy any MP3 album right now, you get another 20GB of storage for a year for free ($20/year after that).

Being something of a Neurotic McParanoid, myself, I do data backup here at home in two different locations. But lately I’ve been thinking about taking advantage of one of these “cloud” solutions, as well, because it doesn’t hurt to have more redundancy. Certainly for free, I’ll check it out.


  1. Thanks for that! Redundancy is awesomely awesome.

  2. Mir, I haven’t looked yet, but what are your thoughts about data security via Amazon cloud?

  3. Nancy, I think if anyone is likely to get cloud computing “right” it’s probably Amazon, as they already have the infrastructure in place for managing huge amounts of data. That said, I personally probably wouldn’t store anything on any cloud that I had worries about being seen by others, just because I’m paranoid that way. I’ll use it to store pictures and stuff, but I wouldn’t send out any of your top-secret docs. 😉 I also recommend having at least two methods of data backup, anyway, just for safety’s sake.

  4. Good point, Mir — I think I’ll try it out for photo storage, at least to start. (That said, my Amazon was hacked a few weeks ago – and I had a stronger than average password. I had seen but not read the link you posted awhile back to the Wired article about Amazon password security – going back to read it, I don’t think the corrective action noted in the article would have helped me.) So, at Amazon’s suggestion I created a new account with a truly strong password and am moving forward with that.

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