I hear Mikey likes it

By Mir
April 2, 2011

Remember how we were all laughing, the last time Amazon had 6-packs of Cinnamon Life on sale, about how we were all going to be drowning in cereal? My kiddo just finished off the last box this week, and then it wasn’t on sale, and he was sad.

But today it’s on sale again; buy via Subscribe & Save to get 6 boxes delivered for $11.87. The only way to get it cheaper is to cut coupons, which is awesome if you have time to do that, but here I am with Saturday nearly over and I’ve been home for all of about five minutes today, so, um, I’ll just stick with Amazon, personally.


  1. We picked up 6 boxes of regular life from amazon a couple days ago at the same price. My 3 year old goes through a box of life every 3 days, so I’m so glad amazon has it for a great price!

  2. yummm… cinnamon life. i think the only cereal we like better is cinnamon toast crunch.

  3. Thanks Mir.

    I feel like a cereal hoarder now but I like cereal on sale!

  4. I just put my last box into the cereal keeper… but I’m the only one who has been eating it. Should probably switch to something with more *ahem* fiber in it.

  5. At least 90% of coupons I see are for stuff I usually buy generic (which is still cheaper than the name-brand – coupon price). So I don’t bother.

    So . . . if Monkey kows the legend, it probably turns him on to the cereal even more, eh?

  6. In my area (NM) it’s on sale at Albertson’s for $1.99 a box.

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