Get a grip(z) on snacks

By Mir
April 10, 2011

You know I’m not much a fan of conventional processed snacks, but every now and then I give in. Into every life a little HFCS must fall, I always say! (Actually, that was the first time I ever said that. But it rolls right off the tongue.)

The last time this deal came around, I went ahead and clicked, and my kids (sadly) absolutely love having pouches of miniature snacks: Amazon has this 3-pack of Gripz Variety Packs available for just $9.89 delivered when you buy via Subscribe & Save. That’s 42 pouches of snacks for under a quarter a pouch!

Plus, you know, the snack food is tiny. Which makes it taste better. If only they could figure out how to put the tiny little chips/cookies on tiny little sticks, then it would be the most delicious food ever, right?


  1. Thanks Mir!!! I have to take snack to tball on Wed and was told to take little pouches of snacks, which i never buy,,, and was dreading shopping for them, DONE! thanks!!!!

  2. Thanks, Mir! This’ll be great for our summer road-trip.

  3. Awesome. End of school year snack stressing, ALLEVIATED.

  4. awesome! Thanks!! combined with a $5 gift cert I got off swagbucks….$4 snack time!! hehe

  5. awesome! thanks pretty Mir!

  6. this just came back up… just made my purchase! thanks for the tip!

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