It’s Game Day at Target

By Mir
April 12, 2011

Check it out: Today the Target Daily Deals have over a dozen extra choices, and the theme is Game Day. This is your chance to either restock the gift closet or grab a few family games you’ve been eyeing. While these aren’t the rock-bottom prices of, say, Amazon in mid-December, everything is at least 30% off.

Spending $50 or more? (You don’t have to; shipping is free on all Daily Deals, but maybe you’re stocking up.) Use coupon code I77QSLJ2 for an extra $5 off your $50+ order.

(Hey, they have Balderdash. You know how I feel about Balderdash!)


  1. Hi Mir, Do you happen to have a new 10% off code for Target? The last one you posted has expired, and I need to buy a wee flower girl dress. Thanks!

  2. Balderdash! They must have read your post yesterday!

  3. awesome — i’ve been regretting not getting us a copy of apples to apples when i bought one for my sister’s Christmas gift. this is only $1 more than it was when i grabbed it in december for her! i’ve been wishin’/hopin’/thinkin’/prayin’ for another price drop somewhere. 🙂

  4. Sorry, Selena, I haven’t seen a new one. I’ll post it if I do, though.

  5. Balderdash and Totally Gross it is for Easter, with a side of curry from yesterday.
    Thanks, Mir!

  6. Balderdash rules!

  7. Balderdash rocks!

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