The early bird gets the free school supplies

By Mir
April 13, 2011
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Have you ever heard of DollarDays? I hadn’t, before today, but that all changed when I found out that today (April 13th, 2011) you can snag some free school supplies. Sure, it’s early, but it’s always a good time for free!

Simply visit the site and create an account. Then scroll down to the big graphic that says “Free Shipping!” to check out their array of school and office supplies currently shipping for free. Then—ready for this?—use coupon code LS12 for $12 off any size your $12.01+ order. Yes, really. The code can only be used once per account, but you can get a lot of pencils for $12. (You can also try codes FBNC10 and SFSM10 for $10 off, also one-time-use per account, and codes don’t stack.)

Don’t ask me how they stay in business. I have no idea.


  1. But you have to order by the *case* right? I don’t see that you can order per piece.

  2. Depends on what you’re ordering, Jodi. I just placed a $12ish order for post-it notes, a couple of packs of notebook paper, and a box of pens. πŸ˜€

  3. 64 Pipsqueak markers for $1.46? My kids are going to be very happy I read you. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  4. I found a box of pencils for exactly $12, but the order wouldn’t process because the total was $0. Pfft.

  5. Took a little bit to sort out what I could order individually but it was worth it. I got crayola safety scissors, a set of highlighters, packing tape, roller ball pens, and gold & silver pens for $1.63. At least I THINK I did – order is saying that it is incomplete pending confirmation from Paypal. But thanks for the heads’ up on this website!

  6. Oh, yes, you have to go over the $12 amount for the order to process.

  7. Thanks. I got a 12ish order too. Mechanical pencil lead is a good filler to get just over $12.

  8. in order to fully checkout, you need to make sure that your cart does not equal $0.00 – otherwise it spazzes when you try to paypal / use a credit card. just make sure that you have your total above $12.00 even. i attempted to check out with $11.92 in my cart and had to go back and add something extra to make it $12.30.

    but i got two boxes of binder clips, a roll of tape, a box of pencils, three packs of binder dividers, three things of super glue and four little notebooks for thirty cents! thanks so much…

  9. Love it Mir, thanks for the heads up!

  10. Wow, that’s kind of awesome! I got 100 sheets of designed copy paper and a pack of fabric markers for $1.77. After placing the order, I emailed the deal to my sister, and they gave me coupon code SFSM10 for $10 off my next order. More free stuff! Great find Mir!

  11. I ordered just above $12. Paid with Paypal but keep getting message that order is pending receipt from Paypal. Opened another window and got receipt from Paypal but order still pending on site. No confirmation yet. Afraid to close it out. Don’t want to lose order. Is there a glitch?

  12. I placed three orders and used all three coupon codes! The trick is to click the single packs button. I got washable markers, packing tape, fabric glue, highlighters and a few other things for a grand total of 46 cents!!! Thanks, Mir!

  13. Just placed four separate orders – got more than $50 worth of stuff (more, if I were to get it at Staples) – for pennies!

    DOLLAR20 gets you $20 off.

  14. FRUGAL12 also still works, giving $12 off

  15. 10 #2 pencils, 8 pack of washable markers, and 4 rolls of tape. $1.40! Thanks Mir!

  16. I ordered just above $12. Paid with Paypal but keep getting message that order is pending receipt from Paypal. Opened another window and got receipt from Paypal but order still pending on site. No confirmation yet. Afraid to close it out. DonÒ€ℒt want to lose order. Is there a glitch?

    *** This is me too! Wonder if we’ve just overloaded the server?

  17. I’m having the same issues w/Paypal orders…is that the catch?

  18. I called. Rep said that’s just the way the site works with Paypal orders but it was ok to log out. I got Paypal recpt but no confirmation from Dollar Days. We’ll see…
    Great deal though. Thanks Mir!

  19. Won’t let me create an account. It keeps erroring out. =(

  20. Same here, Barbara. Going to try again later…

  21. Me too. I’ve been trying to register for the last half hour. πŸ™

  22. They must be swamped, I’m having a really hard time getting the site to do anything.

  23. I keep trying to register but it keeps telling me there was an error. Three times so far…

  24. Thank you, pretty Mir! Two packs of dry erase markers and some binder clips for our VBS school supply collection = $1.68. Coming back tonight to get a backpack after I check with church on style needed. XOXOXO!

  25. yup, timing out for me too. but I neeeeeeeeed pens! waah!

  26. The site now has a banner up saying the sale will end at noon EST today due to overwhelming demand.

  27. Oops, I guess Heather beat me to it. The sale ends at noon!

  28. I tried to register for hours. I guess I’m not one of the lucky ones. Congrats to all who were able to get in on the deal!

  29. I am trying to create an account and keep getting message saying there was an error when trying to register. All required fields are filled. It is really slow, maybe the site is overloaded?

  30. I got through registration!

  31. When they said free shipping ends at 12 Eastern, they meant it! I was in the checkout and at 12:01 my shipping costs suddenly appeared. πŸ™ It does look like the codes for money off are still good, though.

  32. Thanks Mir! That added a little excitement to my day! I love getting lots of stuff for pennies! πŸ™‚

  33. πŸ™ they wanted RIDICULOUS shipping for my order too. Bummer!

  34. DARN! I missed it,

  35. oh, boo. it says the sale ended at noon. πŸ™

  36. Oh my God, $19.95 for shipping? I didn’t get the deal–like many above, I tried and tried to register but the site wouldn’t let me complete it. Still, I thought I’d try to take advantage of the $12 off … until I saw the ridiculous shipping charges. It never occurred to me they’d be so high, so I wasted a good 10 minutes picking items on the site before I went to check out and found out what it would REALLY cost me.

  37. Just got my boxes! Yay, Mir! I got 3 reams of paper, staples, tape, colored pencils, white out and a calculator for less than a buck! Awesome!

  38. I just got my boxes too… 3 rolls of packing tape, one giant box of markers, 3 report covers, and a set of dry-erase markers for about $5. Awesome deal!

  39. So. I just received my order from this deal. I got a package of 24 Bic mechanical pencils, and two other individual mechanical pencils. Because my 12yo son goes through these at an alarming rate.

    Anyway, I got really small items right? The package of mechanical pencils arrived in a 12x8x6 box with a strip of three air pillows. The two individual pencils arrived in a separate box, exact same size, three more air pillows.

    SERIOUSLY? Two boxes and six air pillow thingies? For items that would have fit in a 9×12 envelope.

    The deal lover in me is happy; the environmentalist in me is sad.

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