Capri Sun deals, if you’re into that sort of thing

By Mir
April 18, 2011

I send my kids to school every day with thermoses full of water, because I’m a heartless monster who doesn’t believe in sugary juice consumption as a regular thing. My children will doubtless require years of therapy to recover from my cruelty.

In the meantime, whenever it’s our turn to bring snack for baseball or whatever, I buy drink pouches. Because my meanness is a family thing. (Ha!) And then, of course, I want to get them as cheaply as possible. Enter Amazon: Right now they have three Capri Sun deals—get 4 10-packs of Tropical Punch, Strawberry Kiwi, or Roaring Waters Tropical Fruit for just $7.03 each, shipped, when you buy via Subscribe & Save. That’s under $.18/pouch, so if you pass that by, clearly it’s because you don’t even love your children.

(Meanie parents, unite!)


  1. Ha! I do the same. Oddly enough I get more comments on the fact that I wash and fill thermoses every morning than on the fact that they’re NOT filled with juice.

  2. ditto, though I keep capri suns 100% juice in the fridge for the odd weekend afternoon or when a friend comes to spend the night.

  3. hilarious!! Thankfully, my children ask and insist on drinking water. so I’m outta of the clear. hehe. but yes, I love having these around for treats.

  4. IN~ I’m IN the clear lol!

  5. Ha, my daughter doesn’t even care much for juice, I lucked out there!

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