American Girl minis, at smaller prices

By Mir
April 20, 2011

I’ve always been slightly smitten with the American Girl Doll minis, both because the price is less horrifying than the full-size dolls and because anything miniaturized is automatically cuter. (And they come with a 3″ hardcover book, too!) Heh. Still, at $22/pop plus shipping from American Girl, they’re not exactly cheap.

Enter Amazon: They have a slew of miniature AG options for $15 or less, plus they’re eligible for free shipping. Bargain-basement cheap? No. A great deal over buying direct from American Girl? Heck yes.

Check out your options:
Molly is just $12.39.
Ruthie Smithens is just $13.46.
Rebecca, Felicity, and Nellie are just $14.93 each.
And finally, Elizabeth and Julie are also just $14.93 each, but these two are pre-orders and you wouldn’t have them in time for, say, Easter baskets.

Of course, if you had a little girl who’s been begging for a real American Girl doll and you buy her a mini instead, that’s kind of mean, I guess. But it’s also exactly the sort of thing I would do. Heh.


  1. Plus, she who lives in a house the size of a shoe box says, the minis take up less room than the life size, I mean full size dolls! And they don’t require their own chair at a restaurant or on a plane!

  2. No Addie?

  3. Addy is available, but she’s still $22. You’d save the shipping over buying directly from AG, at least, but she’s not as good a deal as the ones I listed. Sorry!

  4. Perfect! My 2nd grader went through the AG catalog to circle her wish list items and this page (along with several others) said, “Everything on this page.” Unless we win the lottery, not going to happen. But surprising her with one in her Easter basket will be priceless.

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