Friday, enough already

By Mir
April 22, 2011

I returned from last week’s travel with a cold (of course) but though I’d finally beaten it back with excessive amounts of vitamin C. Then this morning I woke up with an elephant in my sinuses. (You’re welcome for that visual.) This is really not how I was planning to spend my Friday. Harumph. Maybe a really good deal will make me feel better…? There’s only one way to find out!

Hey, there’s a whole bunch of beverages in the Amazon Friday Sale. How unusual. If you don’t need twenty different kinds of coffee, though, check out the Gold Box for a great deal on Life on either Blu-ray or DVD.

Also, my kids are a little too old for the Jammy Sammy craze, but Amazon has a special happening right now on Revolution Foods which includes a bunch of varieties of Jammy Sammies and Grammy Sammies. Near as I can tell, this is pretty much the organic version of what would happen if a PB&J and a Pop-Tart had a lovechild. I’m horrified. And also intrigued. But if you use coupon code PLUMOR33 for 30% off and then buy via Subscribe & Save for another 15% off and free shipping, most of ’em end up coming to around $.35/serving, which is pretty hard to beat for an organic, kid-friendly snack.

Please go look at the featured dress in today’s Target Daily Deals and tell me if it freaks you out a little. Because it does for me. But I also kind of love it. Didn’t they used to do an infomercial for a dress like that? I worry I’d end up with an unintentional wardrobe malfunction, but I also think it’s really cool. (Gotta love how they pair the deals—if you get the dress, promise me you’ll get those horrifying “booty pop” panties to go with it. Hee.) is celebrating Earth Day with two of my favorite eco-friendly brands: Keen and Simple. Not that I need any more shoes. But at these prices, can you blame me for looking? (No, you cannot.)

How do I love LittleMissMatched? Let me count the ways (on my daughter’s mismatched socks). But mostly let me point out that right now if you spend $25+, shipping is free with coupon code LMMSPRING. Great deals in the Outlet, by the way.

And if you can’t decide what you want, today, why not hop on over to Sierra Trading Post for a browse? After all, they carry nearly everything, and coupon code ALVAPRIL1 takes an additional 20% off any order. If you’re spending $125+, use code ALAPRIL1, instead—it’ll take 25% off.

My sinuses and I are going to go back to bed for a bit. Hopefully this will keep you busy for a little while.


  1. Listen, if you are getting the dress and the booty pop panties then, I am sure your man MUST have the Bad Boy t-shirt too.

  2. Mir, RUN to the drugstore and get Mucinex for your sinus elephant. Miracle drug!

  3. “Booty Pop” panties are indeed horrifying . . yet (being morbidly curious) I’d want to see what they make my booty look like. Not that it needs enhancing . .

  4. It reminds me of dresses I would “design” as a kid with a blanket or a towel back in the 70s. Maybe they are getting back in touch with their inner child? And I agree–the booty pop panties are way, way freakier.

  5. OK I pretty much hate anyone who needs any padding in that area!! Yes I’m bitter…

  6. I haven’t checked out the booty-pop panties yet, but I was trying to buy the crazy grammy sammy things, but there was not an option for subscribe and save…I have used the s&s many times, but this time it was not there. Below the product it even says, save 15% with s&s, but it’s not on the right hand side like usual. Or am I totally blind today?? Hope you feel better soon.

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