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By Mir
May 2, 2011
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I know I recently posted a deal on Seventh Generation detergent, but today my favorite detergent is on sale—Amazon has 4 100-ounce Ecos Free & Clear detergents available for just $23 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save. This is the lowest price it’s been at for over a year, and had I not broken down and ordered some just last month, I’d be stocking up.

“But Mir,” I can hear you thinking, “Why wouldn’t you just stock up, anyway?” Each bottle does 100 loads; one shipment of 4 bottles literally lasts us over a year. So I guess I’lll just hope it goes on sale again next year!


  1. The description says each bottle does 50 regular loads.

  2. Crystal, I have a HE machine, for which it does 100 loads. 🙂

  3. I haven’t ever used Ecos – I assume you’re happy with the job it does?

  4. I’ve tried a variety of eco-friendly detergents and have been using Ecos almost exclusively for the past couple of years. (My daughter has a skin condition and is very sensitive to all kinds of products.) Ecos is the one that gets the clothes the cleanest and she never has a reaction to it. (That said, Tide gets clothes slightly cleaner. I find I can pretty much replicate results by adding a bit of oxygen cleaner—we use an eco-friendly Oxiclean knock-off—to each load with the Ecos.)

  5. Oooo, I got the deal this morning and I’m excited! I get to try an eco-friendly detergent for less than my normal free-and-clear variety. Delivered to my door. That’s a deal. Thanks Mir.

  6. I use purex almost exclusively, I wonder if it does a better job…. yep, Tide does its job but I have heard it has the most concentration of hazardous chemicals of any detergents… not sure why I care that much. I drink my weight in diet coke every day and am not a stranger of the happy meal!

  7. bummer…it is out of stock so subscribe and save is no longer an option…but still, 4 jugs for under $30 bucks is still a deal!

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