From one dinosaur to another (three)

By Mir
May 5, 2011

My teenager recently referred to me as a dinosaur. I think she was somewhat deflated when I agreed with her. And then told her all about how in my day, we didn’t have iPod Touches, because we were too busy battling the other cavepeople over dodo-bird meat.

Nope, you can’t insult me with “dinosaur,” because 1) I am aware that I’m (comparatively) old, and 2) dinosaurs are cool, man. Just check out today’s Kids.Woot—they’re selling two-packs of dinosaur excavation and skeleton sets for just $5.99/pair. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that Amazon sells the Expedition Set for $11 + shipping and the Skeleton Set is $6.50 + shipping.

Get one or get all three. Stock the gift closet. Celebrate your own dinosaur status. Whatever. I may just pick up a few to decorate my desk.


  1. Just sent this to a friend whose son is in love with all things dinosaur.

  2. Great deal! shipping still $5 even if you buy all three, how can you go wrong for the gift closet adn for summer stay at home camp? awesome!

  3. I got these for my son’s dino birthday party a few years ago. One of the activities was doing these sets. What an unholy mess that made. *shudder*

  4. Kate—I was reading the comments on the site, and several people suggested making sure that excavations are done outside. 😉

  5. sold out already. Jeez.

  6. How can they be sold out already?!

  7. I am so sad that they are all sold out. Although I did buy gift-closet volumes of the awesome science experiment kits they had 2 weeks ago, so maybe I should not be so sad.

  8. Yup, sold out. Guess it wasn’t meant for my gift closet!

  9. mir! you make me laugh every morning, but fighting over dodo bird meat was possibly the funniest thing i have ever read. thanks!

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