Friday, Friday, Friday

By Mir
May 6, 2011

I have that terrible Rebecca Black song stuck in my head (which I am not linking to here; you’re welcome!) today. Ack. Maybe I can chase it away with some deals.

Do you see how I keep stalking the Amazon Friday Sale even though it continues to be 90% coffee, week after week? Hope springs eternal, with me. Especially when it comes to Amazon. And today they have a few Ito En tea gift sets, like this budding jasmine set that contains a teapot and cups and everything, and for some reason is eligible for Subscribe & Save, which means it’ll only cost you $16.15. That would be a lovely gift for a tea lover.

It’s Fitness Friday over at, which means deep discounts on both shoes and other gear, for those of you who like to run around and get sweaty. (That… sounded a little lewder than I meant it to.)

I’m just going to be totally stereotypical here and suggest this as a potential Father’s Day gift, even though the only two people I know who brew their own beer both happen to be female: Right now there’s a $64 Groupon for a home brewing kit worth twice that—perfect for anyone who wants to get started making beer at home.

If yesterday’s Kindle suggestions didn’t do it for you, maybe this will: Certified, pre-owned Nooks are back at for just $99 shipped. Just sayin’.

More later, but that should get your day started and maybe take care of any pesky earworms for a few minutes.


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