It’s a shoe roundup

By Mir
May 11, 2011

Oh, sure, I’m always good for a nod to 6pm, but even I sometimes forget that there are plenty of other shoe deals to be had out there. Allow me to tear myself away from the Betsey Johnson sale at 6pm today and elaborate:

Shoebuy is having a graduation sale; use coupon code EMLGRAD11 for $20 off your $80+ order.

It’s Friends & Family time at Endless, but apparently their friends/family are in a different income bracket than I am, because this means you can use coupon code MAYEVENT for 20% off your $100+ order (some exclusions apply). (So basically, you can be pals as long as you’re feeling spendy.)

And over at, use coupon code MYSHOES15 for 15% off regular-price shoes or code 25SALE for 25% off sale/clearance items (some brand exclusions apply).

I guess the moral of the story is that there’s always a good way to get a deal on shoes. Thank goodness.


  1. Isn’t it about time for Poliwalks to go on sale somewhere?? I’m still getting compliments on my daughter’s ducks, and they’re getting snug. Thanks, pretty Mir, for all the great deals you hook us up with! (said daughter is up so I can’t fix my dangling preposition the way I want…)

  2. ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! *sigh* FYI, the “grad” code isn’t good on all items at Shoebuy! Which means, of course, that it’s not good on the shoes I want! WAAAHHH!

  3. Dear Crocs,
    Please have an outrageous sale + coupon code soon. My kid’s feet grew two sizes over the winter.

    Thank you.

  4. Lovely Mir, O shoe-buying goddess, I have a question for thee! Recently I ordered a pair of dressy black pumps off Amazon for a decent price ($30). I’ve been looking for a nice pair of mid-heel closed-toe professional black pumps for ages and haven’t found any below $50 that are college-student stylish. Unfortunately I can’t walk in 3-in heels.

    The problem: I have true size 5 feet, a tad wide at the ball and a tad narrow at the heel but overall medium width. This is why I can’t find any affordable black pumps… the few companies that make shoes in my size with a reasonable heel, are not the same companies that cater to the 20s crowd.

    So the Amazon shoes came today (Bandolino Judgment Pump in black suede) and they’re really cute! HOWEVER. They are a little tight in the toe box–not terribly comfortable, but also not terrible since they are a mid-height heel–and, of course, a half-size too big for me because Bandolino only goes down to a size 5.5.

    The dilemma: should I suck it up and buy heel pads for these pumps? (They look so cute! And they’re actually affordable!) Or return them and hold out/invest in shoes that actually fit me? (My mom has free UPS shipping through her work, so return shipping cost is not a factor.) Keep in mind, shoe-shopping is super-depressing when 95% of the shoes you try on are too big and it’s not possible to size down.

  5. Sending you an email, Keilexandra. Spoiler: Get shoes that fit. 😉

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