Wednesday means Kohls

By Mir
May 11, 2011

Stack up the savings today at Kohls, because Wednesdays are the best day for it!

Today’s a particularly good one because it’s time to earn Kohls Cash—$10 for every $50 you spend. Plus, if you’ve got a Kohls charge card, you’ve got a week to use coupon code LOVE2SAVE30 for an additional 30% off any order. Shipping is automatically free on $75+, or use code SHIP4FREE for free shipping on any size order (with Kohls card).

No Kohls card? No problem; coupon code NEW4996 takes 10% off any order.

There’s plenty of deals to be had, but holy cow check out the Sonoma Patio sale (it’s the fourth item on their splash screen)—they’ve got their anti-gravity recliners marked down to just $55, and with 30% off and free shipping that’s just crazy. I may cave and buy us a couple more (we currently only have two). With tax, it comes out to around $81 shipped for me for a pair. But I will miss telling the children that the good chairs are only for the grownups….


  1. Was waiting all morning for this post 🙂

  2. Mir, I have to ask…what’s so awesome about the anti-gravity chair? My mom swears by them, but her explanation was “I don’t know, I just like them.” Can you provide a more valid reason? 🙂

    Oh, and thanks! I needed the reminder that it’s Kohl’s Weds. Need to stock up on some tanks for the tween and I.

  3. This one I can answer! First, the surface your body rests on is all (taut) fabric… so sort of like a really supportive hammock… very comfortable with no pokey bits/bars/whatever. And of course you get “chair” all the way down to your feet, too. Second, you can tilt it and lock it in any position from regular upright chair all the way to full horizontal. In the flat position it’s more comfortable than any outdoor piece of furniture I’ve ever own—many naps have been taken in ours.

    Does that help?

  4. And get the ones with mesh, rather than a padded top. Just as comfy, plus cooler with the air circulation. Also, pretty much dry 5 minutes after a rain storm. The cushioned ones take a day or more to dry out.

  5. Awesome! I just ordered one of those chairs. Came to $41. Thanks!

  6. Score! 2 pairs of tights free with my Kohls Cash/card. Though, I’m going to return something from the order that got me that cash, so maybe I’ll end up paying? Whatever, we’ll see.

    Interesting to note, Kohl’s plays games with their prices (just like everyone, I suppose). I placed an order last Tuesday, immediately thought “oy, Kohl’s is best on Wednesday” and got a 15% coupon in the mail later that day. All ready to redo my order and just return the first shipment, I found Wednesday’s prices were more than 15% higher than I paid on Tuesday…

  7. I’m so sad – yesterday looking at swimsuits (not a fun thing to do anyway) at lunch – by the time I got home each piece had jumped $5 or so – I love Kohl’s SOOOOO much, abd I knew their prices changed daily but I never realized they played the amazon pricing game 🙁

    Of course – yes, I’m still going to order – I can’t beat their prices anywhere else and free shipping for any size order rocks

  8. Thank you so much!!! Just used the 30% off and free shipping to score the hubby an anti-gravity chair for Father’s Day for $40! I’ve had my eye on one of those for him for awhile. I also got the ever growing boy a new pair of shoes in the next size up. I always wait for a 30% off code and store the next size up – if I guess wrong and he grows more than I thought, then I return them since Kohl’s will take anything back at anytime! No one needs to know that his sneakers cost $20 instead of the full retail of $60!

  9. Thanks for that tip, Mir! When we redo our deck and put in the new patio (which may be never the way all these unexpected expenses keep popping up…), then I’ll be sure to let the hubby know these are must-haves!

    For now, Momma bought herself some new tanks for the summer. Cuz I’ve been workin’ on my guns, let’s hope they stop flappin’ in the wind soon.

  10. So since I whined last week about them going all Amazon on me and switching prices – I jumped this Wednesday when they dropped their suits back down (and scored my mom’s $10 Kohls cash she wasn’t going to use) – shew. THANKS for the 30% code, sweet deal on a few swimsuits separates and since I didn’t earn Kohl’s cash (thankful this time) if I return something I’ll get the full value. Win win win. If no one has told you yet today – Mir you sure are pretty!

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