Heads up: Today is Allure Beauty Box day!

By Mir
May 24, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m giving you half an hour of lead time for this one, so that you can get ready if you want one. It’s time for another Allure Beauty Box, and this year’s offering promises $350 worth of goodies for just $40.

I have mixed feelings about the fact that they seem to no longer be including sunscreen. Didn’t this all start as a “Fun in the Sun” project to benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation? They’re still donating over there, but no sunscreen for us. Hmph. On the other hand, I’m always going to buy sunscreen, whereas I probably wouldn’t pick up a lot of these products at full price, so… like I said: mixed feelings.

Regardless, you know the drill. The box becomes available for purchase at noon Eastern (half an hour from the time of this posting), and sometimes it’s hard to get in right away, so persevere if you want one. Good luck!


  1. It’s odd that there’s no sunscreen here. I actually thought it was strange when they included a Burt’s Bees lip balm that wasn’t a sunscreen lip balm, because I thought that was the whole point. But I guess if it raises money for Skin Cancer Foundation the ends justify the quirky means, or something. And I think I will use everything in this box.

  2. I agree, Mir. I was so excited to see what was in this year’s box, and I’m bummed they’re not including _any_ sunscreen at all. While there are lots of great goodies in there, I will miss the sunscreen the most!

  3. Got mine. Warning that the shipping is $10 per box, and I was charged $3 tax. Total $52.99. Still worth it.

  4. That’s funny – when I saw your link I thought, “Oh good, my sunscreen for the summer.” Oh well!

  5. it must be swamped, I can’t get the page to load. Guess I wasn’t meant to get one.

  6. Finally got through! Thanks for the head’s up Mir 😀 Amazing how many of those products I was wanting to try anyways.

  7. I finally got through too. Looking forward to trying out some new stuff!

  8. Yep, took me about 20 minutes to get through but as of a minute ago there are still boxes left! Can’t wait to try that nail polish (amongst other things)!

  9. Yahooo! I got one! 🙂 My first Allure Beauty Box purchase. Thanks Mir!

  10. YAY! Got one!

  11. Just FYI for others, the total was $54.11.

  12. Thanks, Mir! I was just thinking about this yesterday and figuring they had to do it soon. I also miss the different sunscreens, but am looking most forward to some of the hair products.

  13. Wondering if these sizes are sample or full sized? Anyone know?

  14. Full size, generally, Momsy. In the past it’s all been full-sized.

  15. Thanks. Being a thrifty girl, it was hard to spend the $, but I took the plunge!

  16. Wasn’t the shipping only $5 last year!?

  17. No wait at all now (2:30 Eastern). Got right in.
    My total was $54.30 per.

  18. I think shipping is more this year; perhaps this is because of the weight, or maybe gas prices?

  19. Wasn’t planning to get this, as I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal, but decided to at least check out which products were included. Like Heidi I couldn’t believe how many were things I’ve been wanting to try anyway (e.g. dry shampoo spray, the various moisturizers and creams, etc.). So… I ordered my first Allure Box. By the way, no wait at all.

  20. Yay! I was wondering when this was coming back! Like everyone else, I am disappointed that sunscreen isn’t included, but I’m really looking forward to trying all the other products. Thanks Mir!

  21. The shipping is worth it. Looks like there are twice as many products as in the beauty boxes in years past! Over 20 full size products! So it will def be a heavy box to ship.

  22. in for 2, very fast. won’t know for sure I got them until email they said could come 4 hours later . . . hope I got them. thanks!

  23. Hopefully I got one…it says I have to wait four hours for confirmation.

  24. I love getting the allure beauty box, and going through what’s in this year’s box, I kept saying, hmm perfect gift for my mom, and oooh my sister in law will love this! Definitely keeping a few for me, but these will make such nice gift add-ins. I wish it came out before Mother’s Day!!!

  25. so i went drank the kool-aid for the first time ever and it’s been 4+ hours, but i have no order confirmation… should i assume i didn’t order before they were sold out??

  26. Dang it! That will teach me to be too busy to check your site on any given day? Phooey!

  27. I was wondering when you think the box will be coming? Because the confirmation email didn’t have a tracking code and I’m very anxious to get it! lol

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