Juice it yourself

By Mir
May 25, 2011

I’m hearing a lot about juicing, lately. Some of my friends have taken to creating their own morning concoctions out of fruits and vegetables and claim they’ve never felt better. Me, I’d rather just eat the fruits and vegetables. But to each their own! If you’ve been looking for a good juicer, I may have good news for you.

Right now Amazon sells the Breville Juice Fountain Plus for $150; or they have refurbished ones for $115 shipped (both have great reviews, by the way; this is a monster of a machine). But today Buy.com has a refurbished one for just $70 shipped, making it the clear choice in terms of bang for your buck. I’ve never seen this machine so low.

Then again, I’ll just be over here eating all the fruit you cut up for your juice, so… yeah.

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  1. I am a juicing convert. We bought one for a cleanse last summer, and the juicing is the only thing that stuck. It really does make me feel awesome after I drink one (like… more energy than three cups of coffee), and there is NO WAY I’d be eating all of those veggies without juicing them up first. My latest concoction is giant pile of kale, handful of parsley (great for stomach issues), two stalks of celery, four carrots, one apple, small knob of ginger and a cucumber.

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