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By Mir
May 27, 2011
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I am still a wee bit rocked by the current delicate condition of my mouth (by which you should understand that I am spending a lot of time trying to cram small bits of food down, through the pain, so that I can take the pain medication which I cannot take on an empty stomach; also: whining at my husband, who is a saint), which means I do not even have the energy to make fun of the Amazon Friday Sale properly. Though I do feel it’s my duty to remind you that the giant crop of this month’s $5 MP3 albums is changing in a few days, so take a look if you haven’t, already.

Also at Amazon: Take a look at this Samsonite Tote-a-Ton duffle, which supposedly holds as much as a trunk! It’s down to just $20 and perfect for sending off to college with your kid. Assuming you have a kid to send off to college. Or maybe you have a body to dispose of. It’s none of my business what you use it for, really.

Before I had my surgery I wrote a new post for about doing allowance right, so if you wanted to wander over there and read that, that’d be swell.

Back soon, I hope.


  1. It wouldn’t let me comment over there, so I’ll say it here — great allowance post!

  2. Rest up & get well soon!!!

  3. are smoothies and soup painful, too?? hope the pain recedes real soon-like.

  4. Hope you feel better and get to enjoy the weekend. That Samsonite Tote looks perfect for packing up the college bedding for the summer and transporting it back in the fall. Then once inside his matchbook size dorm room, the empty bag can be folded up to almost nothing.

  5. I liked your article on allowances too. I have a soon to be 11 year old and have been following the spend/save/share plan for about 5 years now. My middle child is almost 6 and I need to get her started too. It really is a great learning tool.

  6. Mir I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the Rue La La tip. I thought I had missed the window for my $20.00 credit, but when I checked in today it was still there – so of course I needed to browse….and there are of course cute shoes….and they are on their way to me for a grand total of $30.00! The only problem? I didn’t realize that once you place one order any other orders on the same day ship for free! Ohhhhh noooooos!

    So see? Even when you’re down and out you’re helping us all save! Thanks!

  7. I can’t figure out comments over there either -I don’t necessarily want to post to facebook. I love your ideas. We do the $0.50 per year of age too. Unfortunately we didn’t start the donate early enough and now at 12 & 15 they rebel mightily. I define allowance for wants vs I provide needs. Thus you need a notebook, I buy it. You want characters on it, you pay the difference. Meals on a field trip, I buy. Candy from the concession stand when I have other snacks, you buy.

    Would you really let them spend their money on anything? Inappropriate clothing? I have drawn the line on a few things – M rated video games (and T rated ones when they were younger), a sword (yes, he wanted a real 3 foot long sword! – not happening). I have let them buy things which were poorly made – I mentioned that it didn’t look well made, but let my then 6-8 yo buy some junky toy, which broke before we got it home. He considers things more carefully now.

  8. Katherine, I guess I should’ve qualified the “let them buy anything” with this: house rules still apply. Weapons are obviously out, as are age-inappropriate things. I’ve not yet had to have a tussle over clothing, thankfully, as my teen is very modest, but I wouldn’t argue something I just disliked. I would, however, say no to something too revealing if I had to.

  9. Poor lil’ bunny {{{}}}. Thanks for the allowance article. My Sweetpea is 5 and I’ve been wondering how to implement an allowance. Perfect. Sending healing energy (and workmen-get-your-act-together thoughts) your way.

  10. Great post on allowance! I think I’ll really commit this time! Good luck recovering!!

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