Get a leg up with a do-it-all ladder

By Mir
June 9, 2011

It’s funny—I was checking Woot this morning and saw they have a Little Giant ladder system, and I thought “Hey, I should post that, those are always really popular.” (If you haven’t seen one of these before, it’s kind of the Houdini of ladders—it can be used as a stepladder, extension ladder, stable support on stairways, even scaffolding—and is basically the only ladder you’ll ever need.)

But when I hopped on over to Amazon, imagine my surprise to discover that Woot is is offering the 19′ M-22 for $190 + shipping, but Amazon has the 22′ M-22 for just $149 and free shipping. (And yes, a quick history check confirms that this is the lowest price this ladder has ever been; plus the 47-pound shipping weight means free shipping is a deal unto itself, here.)

Sorry, Woot. I do believe Amazon just out-wooted you.


  1. The Amazon link is not working for me….

  2. We have one of those ladders – LOVE how versatile it is! BTW, Mir, your link is messed up.

  3. Yep – appears link is broken.

  4. I gave my husband this ladder as an early Father’s Day gift this year and he is still raving about it and showing it off to his friends. I thought he’d like it, but it’s getting ridiculous. When I came to the front door upon its delivery, even the delivery man was examining it curiously and declared that he had never delivered anything “like that” before. Men are strange.

  5. Excellent deal! I ordered one to use for all our home improvement projects. You are looking very pretty today, Mir.

  6. Thank you! We’re going to need this to do some work in our new house next month. Perfect timing!

  7. We got one of these the last time you posted it (just after Christmas?) and LOVE it.

    What am I going to do if my Prime Membership ever runs out? I’m not sure I can live with the shame if I actually choose to break down and pay for it after my free trial (I will have been SUCKED IN BY MARKETING! The horror!) But I’m not sure I can go back to agonizing over shipping costs (plus the waiting for more than two days) ever again.

  8. Got it! Perfect combination of price, versatility and durability. Thank you, pretty Mir!

  9. Been contemplating this every time you post a ladder deal – finally scooped this one up! Should work for our high ceilings, changing lights, AND putting up even more Christmas lights this year because I’ll be able to reach higher! Yay!

  10. What is REALLY funny is that Amazon OWNS Woot.

    So they win either way.

  11. Boo- bought it several months ago off Amazon for about $70 more. But we do love it!

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