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By Mir
July 6, 2011
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There are some things I have trouble justifying spending money on. That list includes more things than you would think, but somewhere near the top is shower curtains.

Yes! Shower curtains. Because… they’re utilitarian. And no one is really going to see them. So I should just buy the cheapest possible option and get on with my life. But… then I justify a cute shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom because, well, guests go in there. I’ve been working on justifying one for the master bath, though, because no one sees it and I shouldn’t care. (But I kind of do. Current shower curtain: A palm tree motif. Left by the people from whom we bought the house. Four years ago.)

Today I think I can finally make a move: As part of the Target Daily Deals, there’s an assortment of adorable Dwell Studio shower curtains, each just $15 shipped. I’m kind of digging the giant polka dots you see on the main page, but if you have kids, click through to see the other options. There’s dinosaurs! Submarines! Hippos! Cool stuff. And very affordable for such a fancy brand.

Now. Who wants to come over and see my shower curtain…?


  1. We get the cheapies at the dollar store, because when they start to get icky mold-spots on them, I can throw them away and put in a new one. Not very green of me, I know.

  2. Dah! Hippos! Thank you!

  3. Brigitte! I buy liners at the Dollar Store and throw them away. But I like having a real curtain on the outside.

    Dave: Thought you’d like those. 🙂

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