Giveaway: HP TouchPad tablet computer

By Mir
August 1, 2011

Disclosure: I am participating in a compensated campaign in cooperation with HP and to bring you this giveaway. As always, despite any payment I receive, opinions expressed within my posts are mine alone, and my honest assessment.

What’s the latest computer craze? Tablets, of course. We take laziness to new heights here in our multi-computer household by not even getting up off the couch to Google random questions—we just reach for whatever computer happens to be lying on the coffee table. (There’s always at least one there.) So I was pretty stoked to try out the new HP TouchPad before coming here to tell you about it and offer you the chance to win one.

I have to be completely honest, here: We’re a Mac household. We have an iPad. And as a Mac evangelist, I feel like they’re the gold standard. The TouchPad is not an iPad. I can point out two things that the TouchPad has in its favor over the iPad, though: First, the TouchPad’s WebOS supports Flash, which means you never come up on a site and go “Wait, where is it?” Everything runs. Second, whenever you tap, there’s a graphic animation that looks sort of like a ripple of water—for novice tablet users, this is actually really handy in terms of knowing where you’ve tapped, learning how responsive the screen is, etc.

Our TouchPad is going to primarily be my son’s computer, so I asked him what he likes about it. “Angry Birds,” he answered, immediately. (The HD version of Angry Birds is free in the HP App Store, and it’s pretty magnificent.) There’s also a free app for Kahn Academy, which is pretty sweet in terms of making me feel like it’s educational. I have to say the video display and sound quality on the TouchPad are quite good, and I like knowing that should my son ever tire of Angry Birds, he can watch educational videos. Heh.

I’m going to be giving one lucky Want Not reader their very own HP TouchPad! All you have to do is review the contest rules and regulations, then leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 telling me what you’d use your new TouchPad for for a chance to win. I’ll select the winner via random number generation and possibly via tapping on my own TouchPad.

What are you waiting for? Get entering!


  1. I would use the tablet to be able to use the internet while at my bazillion Doctor appointments! This would make the waiting so much better.

  2. oooh! i’d use it closed up in my room hiding from my kids!!

  3. I’d use it to help answer sexual health questions on a website I work for!

  4. I would use the tablet for PTA documents, emails, minutes, etc. 🙂

  5. I would use my TouchPad as a magic bullet to stave off iPad envy!
    Seriously, would use it to do fun educational stuff with my kids, and read blogs while nursing our new baby – would be nice to have a bigger screen than my iPhone 🙂

  6. I’d use it with my 7 year old for all her burning homework questions. And for games.

  7. Could use something small to carry with me so that I can work on my sites and blogs away from home.

  8. We are a Mac household too. My ipad is my baby i adore it I would let my son use the touchpad so he would leave the ipad alone. 🙂

  9. We are a Mac family, but would make an exception for this as I’ve heard it gets great reviews! I would totally load it up with educational aps and let my 2 sweet kiddos use it- we already view a bunch of Khan Academy so it would be put to great and educational use!!

  10. Of course for myself!! But also to do some homeschooling projects with my kids!! WOOHOO!! 🙂

  11. I’d use it on the go, so I could check my email wherever I am, without having to run back and forth to the kitchen!

  12. I would give it to my husband – he practically forced me to buy the Nook Color I so desperately wanted, and he doesn’t even have a smartphone. I know he’d love to have something so portable. 🙂

  13. What an amazing giveaway! I would totally use my new TouchPad to surf my favorite deal sites and make WantNot my home page! Thanks Mir!

  14. Wowee! Would use it as I wait and wait and wait on whichever child is at camp, lessons, etc!

  15. I would use it for Angry Birds- I can’t see what I am doing on my little iPhone screen!

  16. How excited my children would be if we were selected!

  17. I would love one!!

  18. I would let my 4 year old daughter use it for educational games, along with a few fun games too! Plus my husband will steal it from her for a few rounds of Angry Birds! 🙂

  19. We are starting homeschooling this year (my daughter will be in 5th grade) so this would be used for everything everywhere!!

  20. I would use the TouchPad as the kids’ “computer”. =)

  21. Boo it quit on me before I put the rest! Love one to surf and play my new fav game zombies vs plants…if you haven’t played it…addicting!

  22. I’d probably use an HP TouchPad to do everything non-work related that I’ve been doing on my work-issued iPad 🙂

    I might even *try* Angry Birds finally.

  23. I would use it at my kids’ sports practices, and maybe let my husband use it when he travels if he asks reall nicely 😉

  24. I would use a new TouchPad to browse the internet during those superlong road trips my husband and I take when we go to visit family!

  25. I would use it to keep track of my sons therapy appointments.

  26. Probably to entertain the toddler on car trips.

  27. We homeschool, so it would be very helpful for that. However I suspect it would mainly be used for Angry Birds and video streaming. 😉

  28. Sweeeeet! I would use it for my first year of homeschooling my two boys. Obviously, there are tons of resources we could use (games, tests, challenges, research capabilities) and the blow of having to do school work will be softened by the fact that it’s done on this beauty!

  29. I would use it on the go (I have a flip phone) and to check out all those cool apps I keep hearing about!!

  30. That’s very cool! I’ve been wondering about the differences between the new tablets. I’ve only ever used an iPad (at work).

    I would use this to entertain my 3-year-old, and once she went to bed I’d use it to entertain myself via blogs, etc. 🙂

  31. It’d be wonderful to have something portable to move around, going from the couch where I can read while nursing the baby, then move into the kitchen while cooking–for recipes from online and listening to podcasts while working in there. (I starting to get into the canning time of year so I’m in the kitchen more and more.)

  32. Would love to use it for educational games for my kids and of course internet for me especially since my laptop is on the fritz – again.

  33. I would LOVE a computer of my own. Last year I bought both teens a laptop as they were graduating and would need one. I was supposed to get my own this year, but of course, DH’s computer fried and I had to buy him a new one. So please pick me, so I can finally have a computer to use without having to beg the teens or hubby!!

  34. I’d use it for reading, downloading recipes and knitting patterns, and tormenting my kids by NOT letting them use it! 😉

  35. I would definitely use it to organize my schedule. With six kids, two different school districts, multiple sports and school events I need all the help I can get to stay on track and get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Maybe a lower numbered entry will win, fingers crossed for me.

  37. I’d use it while nursing my third son – due in a few weeks!

  38. Wow – what a fantastic giveaway. I would so love to win this!!!

  39. I can always use the latest, if perhaps not the greatest. 🙂

  40. I would use ot for my 10 yo to help with home schooling. I wpuld really lome ro win this

  41. I would hide it away and use it all along so that I can have one thing that is strictly mine that the kids don’t steal from me! 🙂

  42. I would give it to my parents. Their computer is extremely slow (and old) and my dad calls me almost every day to gripe about how slow it is. I’m too far away to help them nor do either of us have the money right now to buy a new one. So your giveaway comes at a great time. I would love to win this and surprise my parents. 🙂
    Thank you !

  43. I’m ready to replace my laptop with something a little less space-consuming. The touchpad would be great for that.

  44. Oh I would so love one! Actually my kids will probably tryt o take it but still would be awesome!

  45. And uh, apparently keyboarding lessons

  46. I’d probably use it for traveling, so I wouldn’t have to lug my laptop around anymore!

  47. I would use a Touch Pad while traveling around town. It would be great right now because I’m looking for a condo to purchase, and I need to organize my thoughts, pictures, notes, etc.

  48. The kids would use it for homeschool purposes. And Angry Birds.

  49. We would use it for games, social media, video, web surfing… all kinds of good stuff!

  50. My computer died and this would be a God send.

  51. Wow Mir! What a great giveaway! I have four children and this would be wonderful for school projects. The kids are always fighting over my laptop. This would help! Crossing fingers!

  52. We’re a PC household…and an old PC household at that…the computers, that is! 🙂 I would so love to have one of these. It would be a fantastic homeschool resource, but it’d also let me do some of my office work at a coffee shop away from home and little people who ask lots of questions.

  53. This should be a popular giveaway… 🙂

    I guess since we are homeschoolers I would use those educational apps. Plus since its portable it would work wonders in the car since we live so far out of civilization.

    Thanks Mir!

  54. I honestly have never played angry birds so of course I’d do that first!

  55. I would give it to my autistic son and use the appropriate apps for that.

  56. I’d use this to watch Project Runway in bed. Clearly I deserve it.

  57. What would I use it for? I’d play with it, of course! Super-cool toy!

  58. I would use it to read blogs while nursing my first child, due in November. YAY!!!!

  59. My husband and I really want a pad computer for our all-important surfing while watching TV. So we’d need the IMDB app, obviously.

  60. Angry Birds. And Tiny Wings. And lording it over my kids that mom has the coolest gadget in the house!!!

  61. I think your son is right…. Angry Birds! Also, googling random stuff and of course using it for flash because that won’t work on my iPhone (which I love anyways)

  62. It would most probably be used by my 10th grade dd, as her magnet program uses ECD’s in classrooms (lucky kid).

  63. I will use it to fight evil.

  64. Not gonna lie- I’d probably use it to play a whole lot of Angry Birds too! Pick me, pick me, Random Number Generator!

  65. I would give it to the love of my life, Scott. 😉

  66. Well, add my voice to the crowd who would let the kiddos use the TouchPad so they keep their mitts off my iPad. 🙂 Seriously, though, being able to stream Khan Academy videos for my son is enough to make me consider buying one of these. KA is an amazing resource.

  67. My son would LOVE this!!

  68. i’d try and get past the 2nd level in Angry Birds — i think it’s the small screen on my iphone that’s holding me back!!! 🙂

  69. If I would win it would probably become my daughter’s computer. She could then pass her netbook down to her brother and we’d be all set! 🙂

  70. Cool giveaway, thanks!

  71. Angry Birds!

  72. Would love to use it for educational apps and books.

  73. I’d use it for … well, I’m not sure. Probably the same I do with my netbook which is read blog after blog and shop on amazon. To feel like I’m not the last kid on the block to get technology?

  74. I would use it to track my kids every move via the chips implanted under their skin whilst they were sleeping…………… Just kidding, I would totally keep it for myself for important things like Facebook and angry birds!

  75. As a preschool teacher, I could lesson plan and surf crafts while sitting at my own children’s after school activities! Multitasking!!!!!

  76. Love to check out that version of Angry Birds.

  77. If I won this, i’d totally save it for Christmas and my husband would think I love him immensely!

  78. It would be mostly used to keep kids busy and quiet on long car trips. And also as a “book” for me.

  79. I would give it to my daughter who is starting kindergarten this fall-she knows her way around a computer already and this way she could have her own. 🙂

  80. I would totally load it up with educational games for the kids!

  81. I would use it for a bazillion different fabulous things!!

  82. My 7-yr old has been dieing for his own computer. If I won, this would go to him – after I fully tested it out of course!

  83. i’d use it to start blogging again!

  84. I would let the kids play angry birds so I would actually be able to use my iPod to listen to music!

  85. I would use this tablet as a kitchen aide, recipes and playing tunes.

  86. I would use it to keep my husband and son entertained so I could get something done!

  87. Kid stuff so I can use my computer… or maybe we would trade!

  88. I would use it to answer those random questions, check email, google maps, etc. Also be lazy and never leave my recliner in the living room. I recently visited two friends who have I pads and I have serious Ipad envy, BUT I am not an Apple person and resist that NEED to get an Ipad.

  89. This would be mine, all mine (since I can almost never get on our home computer). Me,me, choose me!

  90. I’d give it to my kids so they’d let me use my iPad already. Every time I get it out I hear “Mommy when you are done can I play angry birds?” hehe!

  91. I would hide it from my husband, claiming it’s “mine, mine, mine!” And then use it for staying organized, paying bills, reading my favorite blogs, watching movies, etc, etc.!!

  92. Yay for Flash support!!

    I do most of my cooking from Internet recipes, so its home would definitely be in the kitchen. Except when I’m playing Angry Birds.

  93. I would use it for myself! I hardly get a chance when my kids are home to use the computer.

  94. Oh man….this would be so awesome for me right now!!! I just started my own business doing direct sales for Norwex (mir….I need to solicit you..I really think this stuff would benefit your family…I shall stalk you) anyway….it will be great to keep everything I need together and off the family laptop!!! Thanks for the chance…you are pretty!

  95. I would use it to keep myself organized and on top of my e-mails, work-related blogs and family events! A very difficult task indeed!

    and thanks btw 🙂

  96. I would use it for learning aps for my twins, and recipes for me!

  97. I’d use it as my “to go” computer instead of my laptop. If it has flash, it will run lots of stuff.

  98. I would give it to my husband as he has been wanting a tablet and this would make him soooooo happy!!!

  99. Squeee – please? I’ll admit, I’d probably be very quick to use this as an e-reader, but then find myself surfing the web as I lay in bed 🙂 You’re the best, Mir!

  100. I’d use it for my daughter’s computer

  101. I would use it on my breaks at work, would be nice to not be bored!

  102. I would give it to my husband! He keeps stealing my ipad!

  103. This would be amazing! I would use it to quickly search the names of everyone in a movie so when my husband (who knows Everything) says Oh thats _____ I can be like Yeah I know, he was also in ________ and avoid the smug look he gives me whenever he knows something I dont know, which is more often than I’d like to admit 🙂

  104. I’m a college student, so I would use it in class instead of lugging my laptop every day!

  105. I think the better question is what wouldn’t I use it for? Bill paying, internet searching, reading, game playing…the list goes on and on. I think my seven year old would probably jump at the chance to play games on something bigger than an iPhone too.

  106. I would use it for school, during classes and in between while waiting for my next classes to start.

  107. If I win, it would become my husband’s birthday present. He told me just last week that he’d really like one. I wonder if I could keep it quiet that I won it for him until October when I can wrap it up and give it to him. Hmm.

  108. I would like to say that I’d give this to my Autistic son, should we win, but I know I would have a hard time giving it up. I love new tech toys!

  109. I would use this touchpad for lists and keeping track of schedules on the go. It would be handy for keeping my daughter and son occupied while at cheerleading practice with my oldest.

  110. I would give it to my son. He is using our ancient laptop right now. We are moving in a few weeks, and he is quite upset about the move. This would cheer him up!

  111. I’d use it in the kitchen as my cookbook! My iPhone screen times out and is too small, and my husband is tired of cleaning sweet potato/carrot soup from the laptop. Glad they have covers (see how optimistic I am about my chances to win)!

  112. It’s my birthday! Pick me!!!

  113. I would use it to promote world peace. 😉

  114. I would probably give it to my 16 year old daughter, so she had something to play on while her dad and I play on our iPads!

  115. I would use it to read the latest books and do some work from home.

  116. I would try for the 937th time to teach my mom the basics of computer use. She’s finally learning how to browse the internet and use email, because she has been introduced to craiglsist – aka, the online yardsale. Next on the list would be how to print her digital pictures, either at home or through an online site.

  117. My father in law recently retired, and now he and my mother in law want to be able to keep up with the grandkids. Living on Social Security (YIKES!!) means a computer is out of their reach. I would love to be able to give this to them.

  118. I’d get some educational apps to amuse my toddler. I think I’d save it for a couple months until her younger sister arrives.

  119. My high school kid needs one for school, so I was going to have to BUY one…

  120. I would use it to look up all sorts of incredible information and by that I mean surf and play Angry Birds!

  121. Oooh, please, random number generator, choose me.

  122. I would use it to entertain my kids while we are waiting on food at resturants, waiting in doctors office, on long car trips, etc. Anywhere I have two bored kids!

  123. I would probably give it to my daughter so I could get my ipad back. Lol

  124. I would use it to help with long trips that are coming up for my family!

  125. I would use it on road trips!! Yea for the kid having something to do and for mom and dad to play around with! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  126. I would of course watch educational videos and perhaps play Farmville without irritating my husband.

  127. My hubby could so use this for work!

  128. Apps/games. I’m addicted!

  129. angry birds!!! wait, no… i mean, keeping our family current on how fast our little one is growing and bookmarking various things for her 1st birthday party!!!!! 🙂

  130. I would use it in the car waiting to pickup my kids. I would also use it for reading blogs and recipes.

  131. I would use it to watch movies and entertain myself on the elliptical in the gym–it sure would beat watching them on my little iPod!

  132. I would give it to my husband. Or maybe my daughter.

  133. For designing websites. We are too cheap/poor to have all the mobile devises that are out there, so we really have no idea how our websites look on a smart phone or a tablet. I really NEED to get an iPod touch. Yes, I do. [nod nod nod]. But this would be great because there is nowayinhell we can afford an iPad right now. (Sort of a backhanded compliment to HP, isn’t it).

  134. I have wanted one of these but can’t justify the expense in my head. Oh RNG Gods, please pick me!! 🙂

  135. I would love one! I spend hours at baseball practices and games – I could watch movies and play games….. and I guess share it with my little girl too. Ha!

  136. I would use it to keep the kids entertained on the airplane! Thank you for the chance to win!

  137. I would use it when traveling. It would be nice not to lug my laptop around.

  138. I would use it as my primary computer for surfing the internet, checking FB, etc. Hubby uses his laptop for these things and it would help in the laziness factor – I wouldn’t need to leave the couch!

  139. Oooh! I’ve been admiring these ever since I saw the cool design work they do with them on Project Runway! I’d love to use mine for purse design! That would be amazing!!

  140. I would use it to replace my current laptop. It is exceedingly slow, but I am too thrifty to replace it. I would also use it to check prices before purchasing! I hate when I purchase an item and find out that it is cheaper on

    Thanks for another great contest!

  141. I would use the Touchpad as a computer for my teenage Daughter who has to research many different subjects for school and could also use it as an ereader.

  142. What will I use it for that I don’t really want to use it for? School. What will I use it for that I really want to use it for? Internet! Games! Blogs! Facebook! 🙂

  143. I’d use this to be able to access the ‘net without having to interrupt hubby’s Facebook Cityville game (heaven forbid)!

  144. I’d use it to keep my kids busy when we’re somewhere boring. And I’d also use it so I could play games on facebook!!

  145. I’d use it for in front of the telly, in the kitchen.. Or maybe just give to my MIL 🙂

  146. I’d use it as a computer for my family as my current one is breathing its last breaths.

  147. I would use it to basic stuff, but I am sure I can use it for educational purposed too.

  148. Tablets are being used more and more with amazing new apps for kids with autism spectrum disorders, for learning, communication, therapy and fun. As the mother of two little boys with autism, we could definitely use something like this!

  149. I would love to keep something like this next to the bed. Use it for reading at night, being enjoyed by the kids in the AM, allowing me an extra few moments of sleep. Also, using the tablet on trips, to keep the kids busy in the car. Not to mention, the best use of all, a personal tutor for my daughter’s math skills!

  150. I’d give it to the kids, so they will stop asking for my iPad!

  151. Angry birds FTW!

  152. Way cool. I would give it to the kids to keep them off my iphone and my laptop!

  153. I would probably let my new 4th grader, who just got accepted into the EXCEL program at school and as such will have a whole lot more homework this year, use it for school work and for her and her brother to play on. Aw heck, I would probably have to “borrow” it too sometimes.

  154. I would like to say it would solely be for the kids and thier homeschool research, but I can not tell a lie. I would be able to get out of my office and use the HP Touch pad out where the kids are doing school, instead of them always coming to find me at my stationary computer!!! Please. Either way it is for the kids, right?

  155. I would use it for Internet searching, reading and recipes.

  156. I would use it as part of my son’s therapy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  157. I would use the TouchPad to write the book that my husband keeps encouraging me to write. =)

  158. I’m disabled and this would be so much easier for me than my notebook computer. I would use it for everything, email, research, entertainment, etc. Great contest prize!

  159. I would use it to keep my 3 kids from dying of boredom on long car trips, along with watching netflix movies on it when I would actually get to use it. (If ever, I should say.)

  160. First, you are pretty! 🙂 Second, I would use it for grocery shopping, organizing my lists at home, bringing it with me and checking things off as I go…oh, I am a dork…

  161. Probably mostly for facebook but I’ve never one anything from here before so I think it’s my turn!

  162. I would be tempted to keep it for myself – but might end up giving it to my son. At this moment in time – undecided is my new name 🙂

  163. Great giveaway. I would use it to watch tv, maybe even at work, and definitely to play games.

  164. I would use it to watch all the Flash videos I can’t watch on my iPad. Heh.

    Plus also, I could let my kids share it for educational things and stuff.

  165. I’d use it for work – as much as I love Macs, lots of my work programs don’t and I could use this so much!

  166. Reading books, a calendar, playing games.

  167. reading, email, shopping!! yay! thanks!

  168. I would use it for Want Not and Facebook, of course….. 😀

  169. I would use the touchpad so that I didn’t have to fight with the hubs over the iPad! He covets that thing so much and holds it so close that I never get near it! And I’d have MY OWN TABLET! Sweet.

  170. I’d use it to try out educational software, and to get my son off of my laptop.

  171. Let my kids try it out so I can get my Mac back from them!

  172. We’re a Mac household, too, but I think this would be a welcome addition!

  173. I do love Angry Birds, so that would definitely be an option, but I anticipate it would be very helpful for homework for my 8th grader. I’m thinking of those RIDICULOUS and DATED crossword puzzles that we spend so much wasted time on. Honestly, what do they learn from knowing some of those things? I don’t even feel guilty helping her with them.

  174. I’d like to say I’d use it for fun, but honestly my husband would end up using it for his endless TDY trips. But it would also b awesome to have for our family weekend camping trips and military moves.

  175. I would use it hone my shopping skills and corral my lists that I have everywhere!!!

  176. I would use my new touchpad to sync my work schedule with my church/volunteer schedule with my individual family members’ schedules with my grandson’s football games with birthdays and grocery lists and menu plans and… the list goes on.

  177. I would use it to browse the internet since my gamer husband and boys often tie up the computer and it’s a hassle to bring my work computer home every day

  178. I won’t use it for porn. Well not ALL the time. Most of the time I’ll give it to the kids to babysit them while I’m doing “Mommy things” which will most likely include alcohol. But only for a very brief Mommy Time Out. But def not porn. Maybe 😉

  179. Reading wantnot, of course. And playing Angry Birds. : )

  180. um… we’d give it to the kids and say “hands off mom and dad’s ipad!”

  181. I would let my husband use this for his new business. It would be awesome for him to have something so portable. Then I would use it when he got home for surfing, games, streaming HBO, I could go on and on.

  182. I have no idea but I would give my mom my nook and figure out how cool this new “toy” really is!!!!

  183. This would be such a fun gift to give my husband, who is an HP guy, not a Mac guy.

  184. I’ve been looking at these. At my age it’s sometimes tricky to know the correct questions to ask, let alone the answers to look for. I’d love, love, love to win this and use it for my web meandering, as well as using it in place of an e-reader. Two for the winnings of one so to speak. Thanks Mir for this opportunity!

  185. Count me in!! I’m with Monkey, I’d play Angry Birds!

  186. I would replace my laptop. I only use it for surfing the internet while sitting on the couch anyway!

  187. Sitting on my comfy couch shopping instead of in my very uncomfortable desk chair in front of my (gasp) PC.

  188. I’d use it to replace my laptop for when I want to move away from my desk. My laptop battery no longer holds a charge, so I have to bring along the power cord and find an outlet whenever I want to go anywhere, which makes it less than easily portable.

  189. Um, more like what wouldn’t I use it for! Games, Facebook, reading, (especially reading!!!), etc. Mostly being able to read my blogs and do random things while on the sofa with the kids. What a cool giveaway!!

  190. Okay, sorry. Temporarily distracted by two 11 year old boys. Me thinks you can probably relate. Please delete the above useless pandering.

    If I had a tablet, I would organize my life. I could organize my family’s schedules, meal plans, grocery lists, recipes…etc. Oh the joys that would bring!!!!

  191. My new TouchPad and I would read books together with a Kindle application, I think. If I could get the type to go big enough for my blind eyes, that is…

  192. I would use the Touchpad for me, me, me! I’m going back to school to get my MBA, and this would be wonderful so I could take it along while chauffering my 7-year-old twins and still get stuff done.

  193. I’d use mine to avoid replacing a laptop that’s seen better days.

  194. Winning this would be so fun. We’ve never had a laptop, so I’d love to use the tablet as my portable computer. Doing things like reading blogs in bed or checking facebook in the bathroom. Haha, it’s the little things in life.

    And I’m guessing it would make a reader, too? I would use it for times in the dark, when I’d rather not mess with a book light and my kindle.

  195. This would be perfect for surfing the web while my little one is in preschool. Or finding apps that can help the kids I work with at our local elementary school. Or Googling from the couch — we’ve never had that luxury, and I often wander from the TV to the study to look up some random bit of trivia. Of course at least then I’m getting some exercise… Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  196. I use it to google random questions while sitting on the couch;)

  197. If I won this, my husband would be amazed and impressed. HE would love this.

  198. I’d use it to look for cute pictures of pugs and videos of pugs on YouTube. 🙂

  199. I would use it while waiting for one kid or another to finish camp/activities.

  200. I think this would be helpful with homework and organization. I have one in highschool and I have to google everything to help him with his questions! (Highschool geometry was a loooong time ago for me!)
    What a great give away! 🙂

  201. It would be dedicated to apps for my Autistic son. I have a very rudimentary tap-to-talk app on my nook that he loves, but I’d like to let him use all the apps that are available for Tablets.

  202. To surf the web & keep kids entertained on trips!

  203. Organizing 8 lives – and some Angry Birds.

  204. I would use it for school, for myself and my Aspie son who is a Junior in HS and is planning to be dual enrolled in college courses, right alongside his mother!! 😉

  205. I would use it to communicate with my hubby who is working out of town!!! 🙂

  206. Well, this summer I’ve been using an iPad from the school where I work as a librarian. In three weeks I have to go back to work…and return the iPad. So I would use this HP to offset the painful withdrawal I will soon experience.

  207. I would use it for surfing away from home, or at home, or anywhere I could! I am, one of those lame people, who is not a portable surfer yet. (the shame!)

  208. i’d use it for reading recipes in the kitchen. awesome contest, mir — thank you!!

  209. I would let my daughter use it to play Angry Birds so that I could actually use my phone!

  210. I would use it to do EVERYTHING – all the while muttering ‘My Preshus’ and taking care to keep it out of the way of my husband, who would (I’m sure) be drooling with envy!

  211. I’d love to use it to help with homeschooling the kids!

  212. I use it to read and while my kids are hogging the desktop. 🙂

  213. Since I’ve already lost just about every other electronic device in the house to my husband and kids, this would be used by me and me alone!

  214. woo hoo I want it

  215. Hmm…I would probably use it for angry birds. and throw in some educational stuff, too! LOL.

  216. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d use it as a teaching tool with my two young children. My 4 year old already loves to practice math & reading on my phone…he’d LOVE to have something a bit larger. Thanks, Mir!

  217. This would be awesome to win! I would love it! I would use it for Want Not, of course!

  218. For my use only would not have to share with the husband

  219. What will I use my touchpad for? To sit next to that snotty lady at my kids school who always whips hers out and lifts it high (to get attention. I mean, to get reception. Whatever) and just casually use it so she stops feeling so darn special. Yes, I shall use it to knock snooty folks down a peg. And angry birds.

  220. Having back surgery soon and it would be awesome to have while laid up in bed. Books, movies, emails, etc….. Thanks Mir.

  221. I would love to win! It would keep track of my ridiculous schedule.

  222. We’re a Mac house but not (quite) Mac snobs enough to turn down a perfectly awesome tablet. Oooh, or I could use it with my kindergarteners!

  223. I would probably use it for my son as an educational tool instead of a handheld gaming system.

  224. I’d use it for email and tablet games!!! Maybe e-books too

  225. I’d use it on upcoming travel opportunities and in my classroom!

  226. This would be great for my son who is a senior in high school.

  227. I think I’d use it in my kitchen to avoid wasting paper printing recipes…and maybe to entertain my daughter…maybe.

  228. Neat! I would totally use this for my kids, whichever one is patiently waiting while the other is at an activity is the first use that comes to mind.

  229. I would use it for work related things. This would greatly help with mobile needs in IT

  230. I would of course use my new TouchPad to check out all the great deals on Want Not!

  231. I would use it to email my husband, who will be sitting across the couch from me, to take out the garbage.

  232. I would use it to have fun everywhere I go!

  233. Books, recipes, general surfing, games, etc.! You name it, I would use it and use it well. We are MAC lovers too but I would never turn down such a cool prize! You are a ROCKSTAR!

  234. I would use it to check out Want Not!

  235. I’d use it as a book reader/blog reader and to show off photos of my beautiful kiddos!

  236. This would be wonderful. I am a photographer and have read some articles on adjusting photographs using the touchpad. This would be really neat. Oh yeah, and books, and recipes, and games, and internet. Oh, so many things.

  237. I would use it for the kids, primarily. Or maybe I would give this old laptop to the kids and use the TouchPad for myself…

    (BTW I adore Kahn Academy!)

  238. I would give it to my fabulous husband. He’s been lusting for one for so long, and I can’t afford to buy him one. He would use it for internet while at work, and for fun band stuff.

  239. As one of the few males responding to this thread: I would use the HP Touchpad as my wife instructs me to use it!

    (Honey, did we win yet?)

  240. I would use it for myself, and then let my son on the spectrum assume full ownership of our iPad. 🙂

  241. Let’s be honest. Games.

  242. After catching up on everything in my Google Reader, I would use it to organize my photos!

  243. I must admit I would use it mostly for games and shopping. Watching the free amazon prime videos would be pretty sweet too.

  244. I’d use it for streaming movies. Our TV died last week and I neeeeeeeed my Netflix fix.

  245. I would use it to keep organized – and I’d probably play a few games too!

  246. Anything and everything. I don’t have a computer at the moment and don’t see one in the budget in the forseeable future. Thanks!

  247. We also have multiple I-items and would love the chance to compare the tablets!

  248. I would like to have a noble cause but yeah, angry birds all the way. 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  249. As a special education teacher, I would use this in my classroom.

  250. What a great opportunity. We, too, are a Mac family, but I won’t pass up the chance to have one of these. I’d use it for course work as I start earning another degree. Who says that midlife changes aren’t good? Thanks for the chance, HP and Mir! You are both looking spectacularly pretty and shiny!

  251. I would use it for everything. I am getting ready to have my 6th and final child. I would love to be able to put apps and movies for my kids to keep them entertained while I am out. I would also like to have my photos on it and I am the only one in the house that doesn’t have something electronic. I think I deserve something of my own! Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. Will use it to help with teaching my lessons and planning at school!

  253. Facebook, blogs,, news sites . . . . . Maybe I’d win it then use it to enter more contests and win even more cool stuff.

  254. I would use if for surfing the web and my couponing!

  255. I’d give it to my son. He feels really deprived because I won’t buy him his own computer. Or put a TV in his room. Or have endless internet time on MY computer. Or..well, you get the picture.

  256. Web browsing and let my kids play with it as well. I have ipad envy but a touch pad will do to!

  257. I would use it to teach my young kids how to use a computer and the internet safely

  258. I would use it to homeschool my kids when we are constantly running to the PC to look up this animal or this poem or this song or….You get the idea.

  259. Christmas present !!!! for me !!!!

  260. I’d give it to my mom so she could get on the internet anywhere in the house, instead of having to sit in their TV room on the slow, old monster computer they have.

  261. I’d use it to help with homeschooling!

  262. We would all use this in our family, but I think the kids would LOVE it for educational, learning apps! And Angry Birds!

  263. How exciting! We will use ours if we win it, for marital peace. 🙂 We have one laptop now and 2 laps that want to use it each night so we actually need 2 devices to both be happy. 🙂

  264. I would let my 3.5 year old use it to play games….and then he would stop stealing my iPod touch to play them! Win-win!

  265. I would use it to update the blog I keep for my children– their online scrapbook. Having a tablet near my bed would be so handy for jotting down quick notes about their day before I fall asleep. Thanks!!

  266. I would let my son have it as he is of the age now where he needs something of his own for school.

  267. We’d let the kids use it – so they’d leave my laptop and my husband’s iPad alone!

  268. I’d use it for everything! Facebook mostly though.

  269. Pick me! I’d use an HP TouchPad to engage in pious reading and writing before bedtime. 🙂

  270. I would share it with my kids – who are always fighting over the lap top. it would cut down on the fights for sure!

  271. Pretty please with rainbow kisses??

  272. I have one already but would give it to a somewhat computer-phobic friend. I think it would be perfect for email and web-surfing once I gave them 5 minutes of training.


  274. Oh man, I’d use it for all sorts of things! Streaming tv shows, checking emails, storing pictures. It would be sooo nice to have a tablet!

  275. The list is endless! But I would use it to replace my computer when I’m out and about and/or traveling. I’m quite sure my two kids would also get their hands on it from time to time.

  276. I would use it for everything! Espcially cooking.

  277. I would use it for general, around-the-house computing that doesn’t work as well with a laptop and especially for recipes and such while cooking. Also, I’d love to have a touchpad to take with me while I’m waiting in the dropoff/pickup lines at my daughter’s school. I might even be able to get some work done while I’m sitting there!

  278. I am pretty new to all this i-technology stuff, so I don’t really know what I would use it for, but I sure would love to get one for free!

  279. I’d use it for watching you tube videos in bed at night, my guilty pleasure!

  280. What wouldn’t I use it for… finding recipes, hopefully organizing, netflix, finding activities for our family, games – educational and not so much so, and even for the kids to explore and access the library, etc

  281. I work at a college and do so much data entry on “the road” – aka in residence halls on scraps of paper that get entered into spreadsheets later -it would make life way more efficient and WAY greener!

  282. I’d use it for the kids so I can get MY iPad back!!!! (and not be in constant fear that my little ones will somehow destroy it)

  283. Totally cliche, but I’d use it to help entertain my children. I’m astounded at how quickly they figure out how to use these, and it would be great for a long airplane flight we have coming up!

  284. I would use it to keep up with all the pretty deals you post! Thanks Mir.

  285. I would use it to play educational games with my little girl and would use it to play mindless crap for myself.

  286. I’m with 241- GAMES! I don’t have a smart phone, I have a non-wireless, no game eReader, so I just wanna play angry birds!

  287. I would use it for my daughter’s entertainment so she can watch Netflix and play games. That will mean that I get my own computer back! She’s constantly stealing it from me now.

  288. me! me! me!

  289. I would use the HP TouchPad as a gift for my husband’s birthday. He would just love this. I know he would use it for all kinds of things: listening to music, reading books, surfing the web, etc. Great giveaway!

  290. I would use it for recipes, facebook, google reader and everything else.

  291. hmm… i would use it to grade college papers. is that sad? writing comments on student papers, etc. which i’m assuming one could accomplish with this puppy.

  292. me, me, me, me! Oh, and my kids too.

  293. What would I not use it for! Our “current” computer is about 10 years old? and I am so tired of doing everything from my ipod touch. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  294. I would use it for random internet surfing and casual gaming when I need a break from house work. And on a good day, I might let my kids play with it. lol

  295. What would I not use it for. It could come with me where ever I went. My kids could watch brain pop on it, and I could use the calander and internet features!

  296. I am a SAHWM, so I would use it to check and respond to work emails while also watching my kids. Of course I would share with the kids, too.

  297. I would use it for research, and to keep in touch with friends and family.

  298. I was a bit against getting a tablet – until a friend of mine came over and let me play with it – it was definitely fun!

  299. I’d give it to my girls to use–one to-be kindergartner and one toddler who needs some perks in her life now that big sister is going to kindergarten.

  300. I’d love to use this on the couch to surf the internet while husband watches boring documentaries 🙂

  301. I would use it to replace my computer, which has Vista (HATE). thanks!

  302. My three year old son is already addicted to using our Ipod touch – he would LOVE this. I’m sure there are lots of things we would use it for as a family – watching movies, reading book aps. It would be used all the time!! Also for the classes I’m currently taking online….oooh – this would be fantastic!

  303. I would use it to replace the laptop.

  304. I’d love to say I’d use the TouchPad for some noble thing like saving the world or something super slick like using it to remotely control the lawn mower or something cool like that…

    But I’m a geek and it’s a toy and that’s why I’m interested in it… Odds are The Boy would get to use it quite a bit for what else… Angry Birds

  305. I would use it to replace the old desktop computer and get into the 21st century.

  306. I would use the HP Touchpad as a present for my wife!

  307. I would use this on the go while out and about with my sad little flip phone 🙂

  308. I would give it to my husband to use for his business.

  309. I would first be thrilled since I am one of those “never win anything” types. lol
    I would use mine to read at night…after I put my little man down to sleep and read (without the light on) next to him to get my snuggle time and some needed “mommy-time” as well

    Fingers crossed!!!!

  310. I would use the touchpad to carry around, because I’m afraid all the carrying around that I do with my laptop is going to kill it. And that would make me most unhappy!

  311. I would use it for…EVERYTHING!!!!!

  312. I would use it to keep my special needs little one busy in the car… which she haaaatesss…

  313. Oh how I would love to use this for my business, for fun and for having it all with Want Not!

  314. I’d use it for a quick resource for my girl scouts…questions, questions, questions with them…with the HP TouchPad? Answers:)

  315. Angry Birds. Totally.

  316. I would use this to taunt my husband that I finally have the newest technology in the household, and with him being an electronic engineer, that will drive him crazy!

  317. I would use it to post pics and videos of baby #3 due in November!

  318. I would use it when my uverse crashes & I have no computer service

  319. Give it to my husband so he stops stealing my iPad.

  320. I’d use it in our homeschooling! The kids would love this!

  321. I would use the TouchPad for everything–read books with the Kindle app, read magazines with the Zinio app, access files with the Box for TouchPad app, work on documents with the Quickoffice app, check up on friends with the Facebook app…and on and on…
    I follow @wantnot on Twitter and registered for the HP Twitter Party (@rkosully).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  322. We may just all fight over it to play Angry Birds. ~*~*~*sigh*~*~*~

  323. Is there a wantnot app? If not, then angry birds it is!

  324. i would use it on the go and for games

  325. This would be nice as a replacement for all the textbooks i will soon be toting around campus!! PLZ!!!

  326. I would use the Touchpad to….join the 21st century. (My daughter says I joined the 20th century just in time for it to be over.)
    Seriously: I’m a freelance writer who has been traveling a LOT both for work and to visit family. This device would allow me to stay in touch with my editors and friends, would help me look up freebies and attractions wherever I am and, most of all, would be a lot easier on my 53-year-old back than lugging around a laptop in my backpack.
    I’m a Mac purist myself, but I promise to be open-minded. 🙂

  327. I have been very seriously looking at getting one of these…for long hours in the car, tracking sparkpeople on the go, educational programs for the kids… for lots and lots of things! I’d love to win one!

  328. As an independent blogger, it would be really great if I had something like this to customize my website and post reviews- my laptop broke, so unfortunately, I’m stuck working at home. It’d be a great weight off my shoulders if I could get a tablet like this (I have all other hp products) to do things- I hear this is really good for multitasking!

  329. I’d use it to read wantnot… 😉

  330. My son’s school has a few web programs they are suppose to practice on at home. All of them are Flash so it makes it tough for him to do his homework and for me to do lessonplans at the same time. We could multi-multi task.

  331. I would use it to keep up-to-date on all the new technology.

  332. I would use it for just about everything!

  333. I would use it to view auditions of actors since I’m a casting associate.

  334. I’d use it for anything and everything. And for showing my grandma pix of the kids whenever we go visit.


  335. I would use it so the kids could play angry birds on something that’s not my ipad.

    and I’d love to look at Flash sites.

  336. Yes Please!

  337. I would love to give one to my husband who is jealous of all the Mac toys I have. I’ve offered to share but he intends to be a diehard PC user all the way to the grave.

  338. I would use it to keep up with my grandchildren.

  339. I imagine I’d use mine to read law school-related stuff on the bus to and from class this year – my first!

  340. My husband used one of these at work the other day and came home raving about it. Poor tech deprived soul. Since Friday was his 50th birthday, I’d have to give it to him as a late birthday present. Maybe he’d let me and our 9yo son learn to use it, too.

  341. I’m back in school for a second degree, so I’d probably use it for homework items. Since I’m going this time for computer science and web development, this would actually be super handy in learning more about tablet/touchpad technology.

  342. It would be awesome to to not have to wait until the end of the decade to catch up with the millions of tablet users! My son loves ‘writing’ his ABCs on an app I found for my Droid (cell phone). It would be great to use apps like that to keep him entertained while he actually learns something.

  343. I would use it for everything! Most importantly, educational games for my son. He is young, but is so smart with technology!

  344. I would use it to help organize my household. With three small children, I could use all the help I can get! 🙂

  345. Definitely would give it to my son who had multiple disabilities and loooooooooooves the computer!

  346. Facebook, E-mail, Blogs, News, Hulu… So many possibilities! 🙂

  347. School!! What a great tool it would be for me in my journey back through college!

  348. I will use it in my classroom as a research tool for my students!

  349. I would use it to surf the net.

  350. I would read way too much and waste many delightful hours. 🙂

  351. to keep my husband from buying another computer…he currently has three…

  352. There are so many ways I’d use this it’s hard to count. I would probably mostly use it to keep up with my photography, and also so my grandkids could play cool games on grammies cool toy!
    Thanks for the change to win!

  353. I would use the tablet to keep caught up on the latest deals.

  354. I keep reading about the wonderful apps available for kids with special needs, so I’d love to try something with my youngest boy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  355. AWESOME!

  356. I would use it to keep our schedule organized this school year.

  357. I would use a TouchPad to be able to catch up on blogging/reading blogs while sleeptraining my youngest and without having to wrestle the desktop away from the oldest during the day.

  358. I hope I win. I have never played angry birds. 🙂

  359. I would use it to replace the laptop whose monitor no longer works, so we have to have it hooked up to a ginormous old school monitor so we can see what we are doing…..

  360. I would probably stop taking my laptop with me on trips, this would be awesome!

  361. If I won an HP Touchpad, I would use it in the car on our upcoming move. In November we are moving from CA to PA and it’s going to be one long drive. This would definately come in handy on the go no matter where I was.

  362. I like the idea of the kids having their own tablet– and not gunking up my iPad!

  363. Fun for me and games for my kids!

  364. My husband wants one of these because it can sync up with his Palm Pre (or maybe with the next-gen Palm Pre that he’s eagerly awaiting?), such that with a single tap he can bring material from his phone up on his touchpad screen.

    Me, I’d love the educational-video value for our little one, and I’d probably want to read my Kindle books on it instead of on my smartphone.

  365. I would be honored to receive an HP Ipad. I am new to this technology and would welcome it.

  366. I would love to win the Touchpad. I would use it so I could be with my family while I catch up on email, after work. I’d also use it to work from home, hopefully making me more invaluable to my boss 

  367. I would actually trade my brother, who is a PC person, for the ipad he won last week because we are a Mac household. But if he isn’t up for that trade, we’d probably use if for email and book reading.

  368. It would go to my daughter while I wait for the iPad 3 to come out.

  369. I would use the tablet to keep my son entertained on long plane rides!

  370. I would use the touch in my classroom with my Autistic students. They love technology and there are some AMAZING apps for students with spectrum disorders.

  371. I would use this to organize my life!

  372. I totally use it to make my iPad jealous. (or be a better person — whichever).

  373. ONE daughter has a macbook pro the other daughter has an iPad – this would be mine, all mine!

  374. Wow! I would use it in the kitchen for recipes, and everywhere else just for fun.

  375. I’d use it for work. I work from home and a tablet would be nice for occasional trips to the coffee shop.

  376. I would use it for everything!

  377. Oh My – we would give it to our children so they would stop asking to use ours! Oh wait, scrap that….we would keep it because it is so pretty and give our old one to the children to use ; )

  378. I would use it to read wantnot and then to shop for great deals!

  379. we have been looking at one as a display and storage for pictures of our grandchildren.

  380. I too, would like it so I don’t have to fight my children to use my own computer!!

  381. Oh, you Mac people are always just a little smug :). I despise Apple for its proprietary “you don’t own Apple, it owns you” attitude, and I and love HP products.

  382. My daughter has been begging for an ipad to play games. Especially Angry Birds. I think this will definitely fit the bill plus be a great computer for her for school.

  383. I would love to share this with my 4 children!

  384. I’d try my best not to let the kids take it over!

  385. This would most likley be for my husband but it would be a huge fight to keep our infant off of it.

  386. I would use this to look at recipes while cooking–so I don’t have to print everything out!

  387. I would love to be able to do some light blog editing in WordPress, without having to lug my laptop everywhere.

  388. we’d use it with our first grader-he always asks questions that send us online to look it up!

  389. I would use it as a travel computer so I don’t have to drag my laptop around.

  390. I’d use it fortaking notes at community meetings… my little paper notebooks are getting ridiculous!

  391. I would use it to reduce congestion on our one family computer.

  392. After watching Project Runway, my niece is dying to have a HP notebook to do all of her fashion sketching.

  393. I would use it to download my pictures and to keep me busy in between running the kids to all their classes!

  394. I have three kids that would love a chance at Angry Birds! JK… well sort of, I’m surethe kids can find some use for it especially the 6th grader

  395. The four kids won’t have to fight over my computer. Thanks for offering.

  396. I would use it to stave off the envy I have of my husband, who is anxiously awaiting the delivery of a brand new iMac that should show up any day now. I suspect I’ll be banned from touching it for several weeks while he gets to figure everything out, so having something fun of my own would totally rock (and, yeah… Angry Birds…)

  397. You said it… googling from the couch!

  398. I would use it to cure CancerAids!

  399. I am always on the go with my boys, PTO activities for both schools, and trying to keep all the schedules straight so I would use it to keep me organized and help me plan more ways to help both of my schools.

  400. I have an iPad (and love it), but I would let the kids use the touch pad so they would maybe leave my iPad alone!

  401. With 3 kids in so many activities it would be great to keep me up to date on all their schedules and busy while I’m waiting for them to complete said activities! This would be such a huge hit in our house!

  402. I would use it to help keep track of our hectic life styles, have fun with and whatever else crosses my so called mind.

  403. I would love an HP TouchPad! Especially because I take all of my studies online. It would be very benificial to me because I am a home-schooled student and take online classes. It is my last year of high school and it would be a much needed item when I attend college the following year. This will not only be an awesome gift, but it will be benificial for my future.

  404. I would play angry birds on the couch. and maybe take it to the kitchen and use it to cook fabulous recipes.

  405. As a teacher, I would use the HP TouchPad in the classroom! Our school has currently gone wireless so it would be a great tool to teach the kids about technology. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  406. Hmm… I think it would probably do everything my on-its-last-legs laptop would do, which is work, play, and family scheduling. And we’re an HP computer family, so it would fit right in!

  407. If I won an HP TouchPad I would give it to my husband. Since I began studying for the CPA exam he has taken over all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. All this while finishing up his last few months of graduate school (getting his MBA). He is my hero! :-))

  408. When I find the spare time, I’ll use it for reading. Otherwise, every day living.

  409. I would use it to play games with my children, read books, recipes….

  410. This would be a great learning tool for my kids. Thanks for offering this to you readers.

  411. I would use it for work. I teach preschool. I could keep lesson plans on it, surf the web for creative ideas, load educational games on it, and more!! Then when the work day is done I could unwind with some fun games and web surfing of my own.

  412. I have a daughter that loves loves loves to read and has been waiting for me to get her something like this. It would be great to win one this fantastic.

  413. Oooh, I would totally use this instead of my desktop pc, since all I do is browse anyway. And this would be portable!

  414. It would be so great to win something this cool.

  415. I really hope these are easy to use because im not a big computer person but I would love this

  416. Mention HP Touch Pad and Angry Birds in one post, I’m in!

  417. I had an older Hp tablet stolen from me while at a movie(I am number four) lol and I deserve this…lol

  418. I sure could use one of these.

  419. This would be easier for my mom to navigate as she has limited mobility and great pain in her hands. Of course, she’d have to pry it out of my hands first…..

  420. I have a daughter going to middle school this year. She would absolutely love this to help with her studies!

  421. I would use it to replace my laptop.. which would go to my son.. I’m selflessly doing it for him.. yeah, that’s it. 🙂

  422. I would use it in the kitchen for recipes.

  423. My 2 daughters would have to share it for e-books and games:) angry birds would definitely be one of them.

  424. Using the extra space to get a better aim on Angry Birds. And sadly, that’s not entirely a joke.

  425. I am so in! I would use this for everything. I have a 1st gen iPod Touch and it is so outdated. Would almost kill for this (almost, I said almost!) And you know, having Angry Birds with sound would. be. awesome. 🙂

  426. I think the bigger question is what WOULDN’T I use it for?! I need to keep track of a bazillion appointments, somewhere to take medical notes that would be easily accessible, and definitely something to help entertain my younger son while we are at appointments for his sister! Oh, and probably to check wantnot more often throughout the day. 🙂

  427. I’d use it to entertain my kids. Hopefully there are some fun educational apps out there, and of course, Angry Birds. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  428. I’d use it to take notes during meetings at work and save myself carrying around scraps of paper with random notes upon them. Thanks Mir!

  429. I would use it for the kids, they thrash my keyboard to play games…and read stories and such. AND in all honesty angry birds sounds super awesome too!

  430. woot! Count me in. 🙂

  431. It may as well be me, right? I would use mine to take to meetings with me, so I can actually find my notes after I take them.

  432. I would use it in the kitchen to display online recipes for me while I cook.

  433. I would let my husband and son use it to play angry birds so they would quit stealing my iPad to play it! Yaay!

  434. I’d definitely use it for picture exchange apps for my daughter! 🙂

  435. I’d use my TouchPad to multi-task: respond to work emails, catch up on my favorite TV shows, send photos to family, etc.

  436. Would love to have this for email on the go or just abut anything. It sounds wonderful.

  437. To help my five year old be computer literate!

  438. I’d let my military husband travel with it instead of his laptop and eReader.

  439. Wow! The list is ENDLESS as far as what I would use this for. I would be totally thrilled to have one!

  440. I would use it as MY OWN computer…No sharing…M.I.N.E!

  441. We’d use it to entertain the kids. And ourselves. 🙂

  442. Games! Oh, and maybe some research.

  443. As the mama of a 4, 2, and 3-month-old I could use a computer that doesn’t have to sit on my lap, as that is prized real estate these days 🙂

  444. I would use it for research in my schooling and of course some fun games as well!

  445. I’m the only Mom without a “touch” something my 6 year old tells me. This would move my “cool” quotient up pretty far–and I’d use it for reading and entertaining her on long car trips which we do way too often.

  446. I would use it settle arguements, you know I’m always right.

  447. Well, since I used to work for RIM and am completely anti-Apple, I would use it for Angry Birds. And watching Netflix in my bed.

  448. I would us the HP TouchPad for watching movies, reading books, checking emails, and playing games

  449. I would use this to help as I teach at out local coop.

  450. I would use it to catch up on emails, PTA commitments, etc…The kids could also use it to play games on while we are waiting for other family members at their activities

  451. Oh, I would love this for work! I’m a teacher and as I move around the room working with kids, I jot notes on sticky notes about where each child is and what I need to do for each to help them next. This can result in an organizational nightmare at the end of the day as I compile, sort, etc. I keep imagining that if I had a touch pad I could carry with me, I could take and organize my notes right there, with easy access and neat files. Maybe even a grade book on the pad. I would love it!

  452. If I could wrestle it away for my boys I’d check e-mail, read books, etc.

  453. i’d use it to entertain myself & 4 kids as we go from thing to thing

  454. I would give it to my kids to use for homeschool!

  455. I would give it to my son, who is always wishing he had shiny new electronics like the other kids, instead of just our many-years-old desktop.

  456. With this little gizmo I could finally join the 21st century!

  457. I would give it to my daughter for college since she is on a tight budget with being a single mom. Maybe she would let me borrow it from time to time 🙂

  458. I would use it for emails and to have something small to take with me on trips.

  459. I’d use mine at various meetings I attend. I feel like my laptop creates a barrier between me and everyone else. A TouchPad would help me feel more a part of the group.

  460. I would use my TouchPad to stay connected when I am on the go. It is sized nicely enough that it can be slipped into my bag and taken with me everywhere.

  461. Since I don’t use a smartphone, I’d love to have this for email on-the-go. Thanks for the chance to win!

  462. I’d use this to keep my daughter entertained while in the car!

  463. I’m a new teacher and would use this for all my school stuff. (And since I’m teaching pre-K, I’d be sure to keep it within a liquid-repelling case. Or better yet some sort of forcefield.)

  464. We would almost certainly give ours to our tween nephew who has been the best of cousins to his 2 year old cousins.

  465. There’s so many ways I would use this – it would make my life so much easier and more organized by being able to take all of my “stuff” on the go with me! Awesome giveaway, Mir!

  466. I would use it for everything. Email, games, books, websites…. and on and on. 🙂 Hope I win.

  467. Sorry kids…this would be the mommie’s!

  468. Mostly, I’d use this to sit on my butt and surf the interwebs from my couch w/o setting my legs on fire (stupid laptop battery….). But I suspect it would also find its way into the kitchen; I’d love to have a better way to use online recipes than printing ’em out.

  469. I would give it to my Daughter to use in college

  470. This would be really good for my over the road truck driver husband. His telephone has a very tiny screen. LOL!

  471. I would give it to my mom. She’s a night owl and I think this would be super handy for late night use reading ebooks and surfing the web!

  472. I wanted an ipad but this sounds really cool…

  473. This would be wonderful! Thanks!

  474. can i put it on my bedside table, as my coffee table it no longer ( it got in the way of the large dog we love:)

  475. I would use it to kill the time in the Dr.’s waiting room and maybe to entertain the kids on car trips.

  476. I would use it to step into the current century,,,,, and use it for travel and for my older 2 children to use. Thanks for the descripton and the give a way!

  477. Oooooh I would let me kids use it and get control of my iphone back!!

  478. This would be so great for my kids! I would love to win this. Thanks!

  479. I would use it as a reward for taking public transportation and helping to save the planet by taking the bus every day instead of driving. I would stream movies, read ebooks, check my email, and just create general envy among the other passengers!

  480. I would love it cuz the kids and hubby get the latest electronics and this would be MINE!!! (although I would share with my daughter)

  481. My boss recently got an iPad and he loves it for checking e-mail on the fly, which I would love to be able to do. Of course, I would also use it to keep up with Want Not postings. 😉

    I’m guessing the “bookshelf” type programs work here too, so it could be a sort of “Kindle” application. That’s probably what I would want to use more than anything. Yummy, books that I could carry anywhere.

  482. I could be one of the ‘in’ crowd if I won this…how ’bout it?

  483. I would give it to my husband so he could stop struggling with this poor eyesight to see the tiny screen on his phone!

  484. I’d use it to torment my Mac-loving husband. And to read your blogs, of course.

  485. I’d use it to check email & stay updated on my favorite shopping / deal site!! Wantnot!!

  486. How nice to have something small and easily portable for shopping, emails, etc. Pleeeze pick me. . .

  487. I would love this for travel! Games, video, etc.!!!

  488. I would use it for work…I know b-o-r-i-n-g!!!

  489. I’ve been a big webOS fan for a long time, and have been eyeing the TouchPad longingly. I’d use it for checking email, managing our family’s shared Google calendars, surfing, and playing Angry Birds, of course!

  490. Oh I need one of those! Thanks!!!

  491. for tavel, of course!

  492. I would just simply use it to have internet access since I still don’t have any sort of computer in my house!

  493. I would love to have a tablet. I have an iphone and I love it but let’s face it I am getting ‘old people’ eyes and the iphone screen is small. So a larger screen table would be great.
    Nana in Texas

  494. I would use it to play and teach my almost three year old. He had autism and we’ve been discussing getting him a tablet of some sort. They’re great resources for teaching children with his diagnosis. Thanks for the chance!

  495. I would use the HP Touch Pad to help my new business, which requires traveling, speaking engagements, one-on-one consultation meetings, small board room presentations, etc, all of which are a little more cumbersome on my current HP Laptop!

  496. THe HP Touchstone (charging doc) is my favorite feature since I would mostly be using this for my personal small business… and low battery or the “ball and chain” of a cord are never convenient!

  497. I’d love to have one for travel – I don’t have a laptop

  498. I would let my kids have it so once in a while I could actually use my own laptop without having to kick the kids off of it!

  499. This would be a really great deal!!!

  500. I’d use it to figure out what an ‘ap’ is and how to work a tablet! I’m so far behind!

  501. I would use it for communicating with my nieces and nephews who are all much more computer litererate than I.

  502. I’d use it for travel. Much easier to just pack a tablet versus my whole laptop!

  503. I’d use it for things that my iPhone screen is too small for. LIke writing lengthy responses to email and keeping my 3-year-old entertained.

  504. Awesome! I’d use it for recipes – printing them out from online or using my whole laptop in the kitchen is a pain, plus organizing them would be so much easier electronically. Also, I’m sure I’d play plenty of games on it too. 🙂

  505. I would love to use this as an ereader since I LOVE to read!

  506. I would use it for my fussy 4 year old son to keep him entertained while commuting home from his daycare. He plays, I finally am able to listen to my audiobook in peace.

    Thank you for your giveaways, I never win, but it’s always fun to participate and dream for a few days.

  507. I would use it to play! And to feel better about not having an ipad! lol

  508. Oh, what would I use this for? I’d use it for everything. I need something like that. Sounds as if it would be great for research.

  509. I would use this for so many things! My 5 year old would love this too! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  510. I’d use it for reading books and writing newsletters and maybe a coffee coaster. Just kidding!

  511. Man, oh, man, would I love one of these! I’d use it constantly, and for pretty much everything! I’m one of the few dinosaurs walking the earth who don’t have a smartphone OR a laptop!

  512. I’d use it to support my small business on the go.

  513. It would be great for our homeschool. Math facts would be so much more fun to learn via games!!

  514. I would love to use a touchpad instead of a smartphone. Seems so much more versatile and generally useful.

  515. I would love to have one that I could use on the shuttle from school every day!

  516. We would use it a million times a day in my house.

  517. Today’s my birthday! (No really it is.) What a great gift with would be…sigh.

  518. I would LOVE this!! Thank you so much for the chance!

  519. My son has been begging for a computer of his own. I homeschool and he is in the 5th grade this year so he could really use one for school (although he will not admit that himself, he just wants it for the games/videos!) So this touchpad would be great for him.

  520. I would use it for my twins education.. no computer for them yet.

  521. Wow, over 500 replies! I would use it in tutoring my students. It would be really great to have something I could carry to show them what I’m talking about. Geogebra and graphcalc are great free apps that let you do visual math, but I just can’t carry a PC to each session.

  522. I would share with my daughter. She is entering the 4th grade at a local Magnet school that focuses on Math & Technology so it would really come in handy. All of their homework is online and with only having the one desktop in the house it makes it difficult sometimes for us to work out a computer schedule. Unfortunately there is no spare money in the budget for an extra computer but to win this one would solve that problem.

  523. I am Currently a student at the University of Pittsburgh. Last semester my friend allowed me to use his tablet for a week to take notes and stuff in class. Having the continence of a tablet made taking notes and being prepared for class so much easier. Not only were my notes readable, but my typing is much faster that my hand and they were more complete. I would Use this as a tool in the class room. not only for note taking and research in class but text book reading.

  524. we would use it for educational games for my children and other fun games for the whole family

  525. I would cart it around to my classes so that I don’t have to lug my heavy laptop (along with a growing belly. ) And at home, I’d rest it on that belly and watch movies or do work in bed.

  526. I would use it to stay in touch with friends and family–I don’t work at a computer so it takes extra effort late at night to go online.

  527. I would love to have one to teach my kids on!

  528. Since my three kids usually have the ipad this could be for just me? ha ha. I would enjoy flash too!

  529. I would use the Touch Pad to start my prop rental biz!!

  530. I would give it to my husband so I can finally have my Nook Color back. Then sit back and watch as the kiddo tries to wrest it from him to play Angry Birds on the “big” screen.

  531. I would use it for “MYPLATE.COM”. I will be able to enter what I ate, when I ate it, wherever I am. All I have is the big computer at my desk….not even an IPhone…
    And Mir, you’re so pretty (that was for the random number generator thing-it thinks you’re pretty too)

  532. I think it would really help with my 3 kids —

  533. Oh HP Touch! I would remote into work when they text me on my phone while I am out with my family on a “vacation” day. I would be able to read books again (!) because as I get older, I seemingly need larger fonts (mom says it’s bc I used to read under the covers with a flashlight). And of course, would graciously aallow my DH to play Angry Birds every once in awhile.

  534. I would use it up in my bedroom so that I could surf the web while my husband watches sports at night 🙂

  535. Assuming there’s an app for it, I’ll be playing Scrabble on the TouchPad.

  536. Will use it for both fun and business reasons, including emailing, browsing, etc.


  537. a lil bit of everything

  538. Oh my….I would use it for everything since it does it all. I want this. PLEASE pick my number 🙂

  539. I would use it so I could search the best deals at the store WHILE shopping reather then having to write down the deals then head out to the stores. Plus as a mother of 3 boys ( a 3 yr old and 8 month old twins) this would make things so much more organized and easier

  540. My kids have turned into Angry Birds junkies – we’d totally use it for that! And when they’d give me a chance – email, web, everything.

  541. I would let my 12-year old daughter use it so I could reclaim my HP laptop!

  542. Referring to recipes in the kitchen!

  543. hand off to the hubster so I could get my laptop back!

  544. I would use it for checking my email during commercials.

  545. I would give it to my husband– he would love it!

  546. I would let my 6 and 3 year old use it to play learning apps and when they are not using it use it for work instead of my laptop for presentations.

  547. I would use it to check e-mail while chasing 3 kiddos around without having to sit down at my computer 🙂 PICK ME! 😉

  548. With all its multi-tasking abilities, this might help me get my life in order!

  549. I would use my hp touchpad as a laptop because i don’t have one and it would be nice to have something to use on long trips.

  550. I would use the HP Touchpad for games, browsing the internet, reading blogs, facebooking, twitter…. the possibilities are nearly endless! Thanks Mir!

  551. I would use mine for facebooking while lounging in my recliner!! Pulling up recipes while cooking, taking notes at work(ugh), staying up to date on the bazillion blogs I read daily, and tons more. But the most important thing I would use it for would be to rub it in to my very techno geek son that I have a tablet and he doesn’t. LOL

  552. I would use the tablet for everything possible. I use my BB all the time and I am ready for a major upgrade. Love surfing the web and blogging

  553. I would use my Touchpad for couponing!

  554. I would use it to save the battery life of my iphone.

  555. i wish i had an answer as exciting as commenter #3 (ahem!), but actually, i’d send it with my son to college this fall. 🙂

  556. I would use it as a recipe book in the kitchen

  557. I would LOVE to join the 21st century with one of these tablets. I travel with a computer and would love to have one for just that reason. would be so much less weight. Please pick me, oh great random number generator!

  558. I’d use my HP TouchPad Tablet computer as my laptop because I don’t have one (a laptop). I would LOVE to win this. I have a blog and photography business (trying to start one) but without a laptop I am being held back. I also have a 2 year old little girl who is NEVER still, so it makes it hard to sit at the desktop.

  559. I’d use it for pictures and recipes. Thanks!

  560. I’d give it to my son to use for school and so he could have more ‘awesome’ apps.

  561. Hmmmm.. what wouldn’t I use it for?! Definitely use it for Kahn Academy as I homeschool my son. Watching movies, taking notes at church, oh, yeah, YouVersion Bible. The possibilities are endless!

  562. I’d use it to play games and web browse.

  563. I would use the tablet to surf the internet while I’m on the go and to check my email. My husband hates when I’m on the computer at home all the time. But when I get off work, its cook, bathe the kids, and putting them to bed. and if its school time checking homework, the only time I can catch up on my computer time is at night. But with the tablet, I could do it on my breaks at work!

  564. I would use it to hide in my room away from the kids!!!

  565. I would use it in my new job as a librarian and travel with it instead of my laptop.

  566. My husband, son, and I would all use it. (Yes, I’d *gasp!* share.) My son would be able to view comics in color and play games. My husband and I would use it mostly for playing games and surfing the web. It would come in handy on days when a person isn’t feeling well. 🙂

  567. I would use it to get more organized with my coupons and savings making my life easier. Also let my son use it for school.

  568. I would love to win the HP TouchPad for my son, as he is entering his first year of college, and I am unable to purchase something special for him for the achievements he has earned. It would be perfect for us to do the Skype while he’s away.. 😉

  569. i would love to with the HP TouchPad because i run a fan site for an up and coming band, and it would help me keep up with all the shows, reviews, travel accommodations, and many many more things that involve helping a band 🙂 Thanks

  570. Although it would be tempting to hoard this for my pleasure, I would totally give it to my daughter who is in college and in need of this device. Thanks! =)

  571. I had to LOL at your son’s answer!! Angry Birds is my addiction. I would also use the TouchPad for downloading and reading ebooks. It drives the ol’ hubby nuts theway I leave my books all over the house. We could solve two problems at once; no more books to leave laying around and I still get to have my reading materials.

  572. Love it and think it’s so much more practical than the iPad!

  573. I would use it to spend more time with my daughter sharing our favorite movies and finding cooking recipes to do together…she loves to help in the kitchen!

  574. I would use it for my college courses as a nontraditional student, and for my ministry as a pastor. I’ve used my wife’s iPad for a notebook/Bible to preach from, but I *really* want the TouchPad. I have a Palm Pre Plus, which runs webOS, and I love it!!!

  575. I would use it for reading and doing work on trips. Crossing my fingers !

  576. Love the fact that flash works! Such a dealbreaker for me when it doesn’t. Would love to win this!

  577. I would give it to my children to fight over. Um, I mean share.

  578. I would use the HP TouchPad to take care of all my e-mail and Internet research on the go!

  579. i would use the HP touchpad for the web and to play games

  580. I would give the tablet to my 16yr old to use for school and Im sure a few games lol… But mainly for school purposes, so hopefully I have a real good shot 🙂 Other wise he’ll have to just stick to the school computers.

  581. I would use it downstairs to keep from having to run upstairs every time I need to get on the computer, and I would use it to keep busy during doctors appointments. I would also use it for my kids as a learning tool.

  582. My kids would use it to do homework, apply for college and to keep in touch with family and friends using social networking sites
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  583. I would use it as a portable computer so I could go back to College Online, without having to use my desktop all of the time. =)

  584. My husband is a truck driver and I would give it to hime to use to keep track of his expenses. Also he could keep up with me when he is on the road. Then in his down time he would be able to read a book, surf the web, or even watch a movie. I would love to give this to him for his birthday!!

  585. I’d use it for educational apps for my kids. Also, everything else. :0)

  586. It’s my birthday on Friday and my birthday dream is to quit my day job and start my own Etsy shop! The HP Touch Pad could help me start!

  587. @waterbluffy nice contest and page will subscribe I would use it when i take my kids to doc appts my daughter when she gets her treatments hours long for crohns and our youth group would love to experience this

  588. I would use the touchpad to take with me on the go while I’m chauffering my teens around town.

  589. I’m currently in school right now, so if I won the touch pad I’d use it to get and read electric copies of my textbooks, which would be easier to take with me than the actual books. (I currently look like I carry a diaper bag…. ugh!)

    Thanks for the spiffy review and giveaway!

  590. I’d Give to my wife to download books, games, etc so she’ll leave my iPhone alone! Haha. Pick me me me

  591. What a great giveaway!! I would definitely put it away for Christmas. Perhaps a gift for my grandson…or my husband if he is really nice…or maybe giving it to my hubby would MAKE him very nice! 🙂

  592. I would use it when I am traveling, so I wouldn’t have to lug my laptop with me…. at home, it would mostly be used as an e-reader!

  593. My son is in high school and he needs one for school work but Im sure he’ll also use it to stay in touch with his friends 🙂

  594. I would love one! My laptop is failing.

  595. I would use my new HP TouchPad to look up recipes in the kitchen! I LOVE to cook and Bake!

  596. I would take the HP with me wherever I go; to the store, beach, friends house, parents, traveling…. i dont have internet on my phone so this would make up for the withdrawl I have during the day when I am not home.

    Thank you!

  597. I’d use it for everything…recipes, games, etc, etc., etc.

  598. I would use it constantly!

  599. I would use this everyday!

  600. I would use this as a second computer so I would finally have something portable to keep everything I need right at my fingertips. It would be wonderful to use with my special needs children. =)

  601. I would use this for research. I loge googling things. LOL

  602. I would use this everywhere I couldn’t take my desktop and wouldn’t take my laptop! lol This would be great to help with couponing! Goodbye paper lists!

  603. I would give it to my bestest girl in the whole wide world who has been stuck in bed for over 6 months having 4 surgeries on her foot and still isnt healing up correctly this would give her a method to be in touch with the world while stuck in bed recovering making her smile and smiles always equal healing faster so please seriously consider me to win Thanks for sponsoring contests

  604. While I currently own an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4, they’re mainly because of work as my employer only supports Blackberry and iOS based devices. I’ve been a Palm ( now HPalm) fan since the very first Palm Pilot. I bought the Pre when it came out and used the heck out of it. Even though WebOS is a “closed” system, it’s more open than Android. I had that phone over clocked to 1Ghz and outperforming most new phones. Needless to say I love to tinker with things. I definitely enjoy using my iPad and use it for everything including teaching notes for church, meeting notes at work, browsing, email, etc. As much as I like it though I really miss being able to tinker with it. If I were to get the Touchpad, it would become my goto device. And since I can “tinker” with it to my hearts delight, it wouldn’t be long before it became my only device with my son inheriting my iPad for his school work.

  605. My family of 5 are sharing one computer. UGH! 10yrs., 7 yrs., and 4yrs., Needless to say very busy especially when they need to do their summer reading logs and first in math sessions. Would love a TouchPad!!!! THanks!!

  606. I would give it to my son to use who is handicapped. He has trouble using a regular mouse but can use touch screens with ease!

  607. I’m a new Mom & I’d use it during those lonely, late night & early morning pumping sessions.

  608. I’d use it at school to keep track of my students progress & fitness testing

  609. Our computer is on its last leg and boy would this come in handy!! Thanks!

  610. I would use this to surf while watching TV, quick check email before work, and I don’t know what else. I am sure it would get lots of use.

  611. I would use an HP tablet for more comfortable surfing the Net around the house. I would probably use it to read documents as work too. Maybe play some games … 🙂

  612. I would use it for travel! Laptops are too clunky! I loooooong for a tablet!

  613. I would use it to play Angry Birds! and…yeah, that’s it!!

  614. Oooooh… this is JUST what I need!

  615. is there a way to suck up to a random number generator? maybe not, but mir is very pretty and those shoes are FABULOUS!

    i have been forced to trade my cushy 5 minute commute for an hour on the crowded smelly hot train. the only way i can play angry birds is to throw my ancient flip phone at some irritated pigeons.

    a pad of any variety would make my ride so much more pleasant.

  616. Angry Birds, of course. Or Plants vs Zombies.

  617. I’d use it for myself and for kids school activities as we’re a homeschooling family.

  618. I would give this to my mother so she could read her books! I am going to buy her one for Christmas if I don’t win this one!

  619. Easy, I’d use this for comic book reading! As well as occasional quick gaming, and keeping notes for my latest game project.

  620. EVERYTHING. Portable internets, games, books, a way to let my daughter look up her own answers to the strange questions she comes up with . . .

  621. I will give it to my wife or daughter
    there might be a fight
    do you have 2?
    that sounds greedy

  622. i would use my tablet to continue advocating for animal and civil rights. i have started online petitions and lobby my reps for support in enacting laws to protect species that are being radically exploited by mankind (eg, sharks, sea turtles).

  623. I would use it for anything I can!!

  624. Most likely the kids would use it to play Angry bird just like Monkey.

  625. I’ve heard that tablets can be great tools for autistic kids, so I would most likely use it for my son Logan.

  626. I think you meant what would I NOT use the TouchPad for. We’re a house full of computer junkies including my soon-to-be kindergartener who has been requesting her own iPhone on which to play Angry Birds. (i should be publicly flogged for buying myself quiet time by handing the phone over to a 5-yr-old, i know this) As a fellow Mac cult member, the Flash capability would be a pleasant welcome.

  627. I’d use it to occupy my five year old on an upcoming 1000 mile drive.

  628. I would love it and hug it and call it George.

    I don’t ever win anything anymore…..this would make me smile for sure!

  629. I have no tablet computer, so I’d join the 21st century. 🙂

  630. I need a little fun right now

  631. I would love it to read e-books. I am way too cheap to pay for kindle books, and our library now offers epub, but they are way to small to read on my iphone. And of course Angry Birds.

  632. I am lusting after this tablet!

  633. I would use this to replace my dying laptop. Oh, and to rub it in my tech-geek brother’s face that I finally have newer and cooler technology than he does. 🙂

  634. I would use this to further fuel my internet addiction! 😀 I would also use it for responsible things, too. Really. …Honest….

  635. My son REALLY needs a computer for college. Yes, please!!

  636. The vast majority of my technology is connected to where I teach, so it would be so awesome to have something like this to play with. I wish I had a better answer, like I could use it to cure cancer, bring about world peace, ensure that your luggage arrives where and when you do, or even balance my checkbook, but I’d love to play with the technology instead of just use it as a tool.

  637. We don’t have a Smart Phone or a laptop, so my family would use a TouchPad as our Internet connection when we are away from our PC.

  638. I’d love to have one for business travel!

  639. I’d love to say that I’d download some reading app and use it to get my reluctant-reading daughter to love reading–seriously, she says she’ll read more if I buy her an e-reader!–but I’d probably just play with it. Angry Birds on a tablet sounds pretty awesome.

  640. Well, I think Monkey has the right idea. Angry Birds it is!!!

  641. Woah! The mother of all contests, nice one, Mir! I would love to have access to ebooks too!!

  642. I would love this to help me with the new business I recently started….and to help with my kids arguing over the laptop 🙂

  643. I so want this. My week has been just terrible. You are so very pretty.

  644. I would love this!

  645. I would love this! You are pretty.

  646. Because I could certainly use this to study with for school! 🙂

  647. Well not only would this make my week but it’d be a nice tool for me to read my books on! <3

  648. I would use it in a tree. I would use it on the sea. I would use it here and there. I would use it everywhere!

  649. I would use this to curl up in bed and have some quiet web surfing time!

  650. this would allow me to actually get some work done! I research a lot on the road and it seems like a pretty nifty tool!

  651. It would greatly help me in reading newspapers all over the world and in my business with research!

  652. I’m pretty sure I’d cry if I won this.

  653. Probably spend too much time on Facebook!

  654. I would use it while at soccer and ballet practices, 4 nights a week, weeee! Menu planning for when we do get to eat together (a novelty), reading a book, keeping one child entertained while at the others activity of choice. The possibilities are endless!

  655. Kahn Academy sounds great~right now we are a one tablet family & we would love to grow!

  656. I would use mainly reading, but I have a feeling the little guy would end up taking it over for games! Better than playing on my phone though!

  657. I think I’d use it for those interminable times when hubby or daughter is hogging the one computer we have, and I MUST look up something NOW. If they can even be used that way . .

  658. I would use it for e books. I would also use it for my email and audio books.

  659. Oh, facebook, e-books,games, and then lots and lots of showing off to friends 🙂

  660. This would help me be a better person. Really.

  661. So I know I should give some meaningful or adult answer like “business presentations” or “corporate scheduling”…the honest answer is ANGRY BIRDS!!!

  662. I would use the HP tablet to get coupon deals while I am at work. Some of the offerings are during times I am at work. I can not participate in them because I can not get to the websites on the company’s computer. I would also use it to load my grocery worksheet on. This would be GREAT to have so that I can save money while trying to raise my two sons and provide a better life for us. THANK YOU so much for this opportunity.

  663. I would use the tablet for web surfing and Angry Birds. 🙂

  664. I would use it for homeschool projects and such.

  665. My husband would be so jealous and would try to play on it more than me, but I would guard it with my life. He already left one ipad on top of the car and drove off, completely losing it, so he *had* to buy the iPad 2. I would not let him touch it! And it would be used for Facebook and other very important things that stay-at-home moms like me do with our precious down time. 🙂

  666. I teach and would use it at school.

    How Cool!

  667. I would use the touchpad for research, reading, and blogging! No seriously… I AM that much of a geek! 😀

  668. YeeHaw lets win this thing

  669. I need something to keep my husband busy while I work full time and go for my 3rd Masters degree (yes I am ADD, why do you ask?) And to keep him off my laptop.

  670. I would use a hp tpouchpad by letting my wife use it for our couponing adventures!!!

  671. I have an iPad, but this would be fun to play with!

  672. I would gift it to my niece who is starting college this fall.

  673. feeling lucky 673! i would use it to check deals on wantnot and to enter cool contests

  674. I would let my twins use it as their computer. We are a mac household too but only my older boys have iMacs.

  675. I would allow my daughter to use it more than the regular computer to watch movies, play games, etc.

  676. I would use it for surfing the net and shopping when my family has the laptop occupied or for when I travel.

  677. Wow, great contest. As we are too cheap to purchase something like this, a win would be awesome!

  678. I would use it for travel and for kids to play games on and watch videos.

  679. Crossing my fingers…Thank you!

  680. I would use it when I travel for work to stay connected! And a million times a day at home.

  681. Let’s see..angry birds, e-books, shopping, reading Want Not, angry birds…you get the idea.
    And I might even be able to use it for work –gasp.

    Thanks Mir.

  682. me, me me!

  683. I’ll use it to occupy my kids on car trips — this seems like a miracle!

  684. I would love this to use with my client records. I am a homebirth midwife and can’t afford to buy one for myself. Thanks for posting this contest!

  685. I’d use it for myself, as a larger version of my smartphone (oh, my aging eyes!) and as an education/entertainment tool for our new adopted baby daughter!

  686. I’d use it to keep the kids entertained on the go!

  687. I’d use it to Skype with my family on my upcoming deployment.

  688. i would use it to read and play games.

  689. A portable internet device yay!!! I could use it for everything I need without being tied to my “office” chair.

  690. I’d use it to surf the internet from the comfort of my sofa on a screen that’s big enough to actually read (yes, I’m ragging on YOU, iphone)

  691. I soooooo want an HP tablet!
    Please, Please, Please!!!!!!!

  692. I would love to win this because it seems as if it’s a dream to own. I would love to able to be have a second computer, especially one like this. I would use it for everything; there’s nothing I would not do with it. 🙂

  693. Of course I would use it to peruse your pretty site! I would also catch up on reading and note taking, and oh – wow, it would be fun.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  694. Well, if I could keep it away from my kids (and husband), I would use it for school! I’m starting nursing school in a few weeks!

  695. I’d use it to see what Angry Birds is…it sounds fun! And I’d wave it in front of my twin 19 year old boys and show them that I DO know how to use the latest technology without their help!! hahahaha

  696. Would use this to home school my kids!!

  697. Please count me in.

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