Oreos for their lunchboxes

By Mir
August 10, 2011

Listen, I bake my own cookies about 50% of the time, and the remaining 50% of the time when I decide to buy cookies, I buy all-natural, no HFCS, blah blah blah. But I make an exception for Oreos.

(Because Oreos are delicious, and I’m not a monster.)

Right now at Amazon you can snag this 48-count snack pack of Oreos for just $13.53 when you buy via Subscribe & Save, then use coupon code KRAFTAUG for another 5% off. It comes out to under $.30/pack, and 48 instances of happy children.


  1. I’ve already convinced myself that I NEED these. For the children. But let’s be honest. I’m the Oreo-lover. So I should probably just look away. Look away, Woman!

  2. Oreos. yum. I am the Oreo Lover, but became more of a fan when I found out they are vegan and my son (allergic to everything-milk,eggs,peanuts) can eat them.. which means oreos are a staple in this house 🙂 SO… this is a must have.. Thanks!

  3. You’ve just made one little boy’s day… and part of his lunches for the next two months! Thanks, Mir. You look radiant today 🙂

  4. Apparently I have no perspective, and sadly, I’m not being sarcastic, would you really put 6 oreos in their lunch? I’ve always limited it to 2 and felt like I was being terribly unhealthy at that, yet my kids are the ones that are very-so-slightly chubby. 6? Really?

  5. I feel so silly asking this, but here goes…….How do you use a coupon code plus Subscribe & Save on the same order?

  6. I can’t find this, I see only $23.90 with no S&S option….

  7. Gone already? 🙁 Now I have the Oreo craving and will have to go to the store & pay full price. ~*~*~*sigh*~*~*~

  8. Sold out! Guess its good that I lost out on this – I would have ended up eating most of it!!

  9. I just placed my order. They seem to have them back in stock to ship on August 12. My son loves Oreo’s so he’ll be thrilled when he opens his lunchbox!

  10. Have you seen the recipe for Oreo bars? (just like Rice Krispie bars except substituting a package of Oreos for the Rice Krispies) I’ve been dying to try them, but my husband picked a terrible time to go on a diet and I just know I’d end up eating the entire tray myself.

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