Postively Crocitty

By Mir
August 12, 2011

It’s a good time to snag some Crocs, if that’s your thing. (Or stock up for the kids.) Right now there’s great deals to be had in the sale section.

Stack up your savings:
* Sale sandals are an extra 25% off in your cart.
* Coupon code BOGO50 takes 50% off your second sale pair.
* Coupon code FALLSHIP ships your entire order for free, regardless of size.

Again, I remind everyone that friends don’t let friends wear rubber clogs as everyday footwear if they’re over the age of ten or so, but they’re great summer shoes and some of their newer styles are actually reasonably shoe-looking. Now’s your chance to scoop up new ones on the cheap.


  1. Wrecked my toe a few years ago. Crocs were the only thing that fit without causing pain. Parishioners thought it was a hoot to see the preacher man serving in Crocs.

  2. I must confess, I just read about the trip to the laser hair removal place and intially read this as positively “crotchity.” I had no idea where this was going when I saw the headline of the post…

  3. Sorry Mir, I am well over the age of ten and looooove Crocs! I have croc flip-flops for summer, croc clogs for spring/fall weather, and mammoth crocs for our North Dakota winters. I think they are the most comfortable footwear I have found…and at this point in life, comfort has a bigger priority over style. 🙂

  4. I just placed an order, I got the free shipping, but they did not honor the BOGO50 🙁

  5. i live in crocs and you can’t stop me!!! i have high heels, and work flats and flip flops and snow boots and and and…..i wore them before they were cool, while they were cool and now that i look like a fashion don’t.

  6. Lynn, did you buy shoes in the sale section? The BOGO50 code only works on sale items.

  7. I ordered 3 pairs from the sale section and BOGO50 didn’t work for me either. It says that it applied the discount, but it didn’t change the bottom line. Still a great deal on the shoes!

  8. Hooray. My daughter lost one of her crocs at the neighbors house about a month ago and I told her she would have to wait for a sale before I bought her another pair. Mary Jane’s for $7.50 and a pair of much needed flip flops for mom. Sweet!

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