Fun to say, fun to use

By Mir
August 17, 2011

The truth is that I would probably love the Joby Gorillapod even if it was useless, because, come on. Gorillapod! Hand me the Gorillapod, won’t you? Now where did I put that Gorillapod? If only I had a gorilla here to hold my Gorillapod for me. See how fun? Great name for a product.

But it turns out that the Gorillapod is actually really, really cool and somewhat universally loved by photographers for its ability to anchor your camera just about anywhere. Think of it as a bionic, super-flexible tripod.

Better yet, go grab one right now at Amazon, because they have the Joby GP3 Gorillapod SLR-Zoom available right now from a couple of third-party sellers for just $15 and free shipping. Direct from Amazon it’s current $38, and it’s normally anywhere between $30-$45.

Bam, one gift for the photo-nut in your family for this year, done.


  1. Ooooh my FIL just got a new SLR camera…and his birthday is in a few months…

  2. Hmm…not seeing any for that price.

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