I’m on a stocking-stuffer roll today

By Mir
August 23, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know, I know—it’s not even September yet, and I’m all “Christmas! Stockings!” I can’t help it if I’m already finding some great deals. Shop now, avoid the insanity later. I am totally going to cross-stitch that onto a pillow for my couch.

Anyway! Maybe you, like our family, do an extended family thing where everyone contributes stocking stuffers for the grownups, but then you’re always left trying to figure out what’s good for everyone. Might I suggest you pick up 10 mylar emergency blankets for just $8 shipped from Amazon? Everyone should have one of those in their glove box and/or first aid kit, and it’s the sort of thing you always think, “Oh, I should grab one of those” but you never get around to it.

Also, they’re normally $2-$4 apiece, so the price is certainly right.


  1. I added to cart but it’s not free shipping… I thought when you said $8 shipped that included shipping? plz clarify & thank you!

  2. Ruth, the main selection on that page ships for free with Prime, and over in the “More Buying Choices” column there’s also the option to get it from BAM Supplies for $7.95 and free shipping. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks – I just ordered these and they will be great stocking stuffers for the family!!!!!

  4. OK Mir I used “BAM Supplies” – I am still learning. This was a great deal. DH goes to catastrophe sites & DS loves to camp so I think this is a great find for us.

    Now on the Prime accounts w/amazon… I have only seen the freebie Prime accounts avail for 2 genres a) students or faculty with an .edu e-mail and b) Moms.

    Since I am neither of those I have not signed up for Prime…however, o ye of abundant low cost & frugal wisdom, if there are alternative groups besides moms and students that qualify for Prime (free, I mean) please let me know. Kind of like “festivus for the restuvus” but for real life stuff.

    Thanks again.

  5. Ah, but Ruth, Amazon Mom is available to everyone, not just moms. And many of the eligible items to extend the initial 3-month trial aren’t strictly baby items, too—I’ve had mine extended for buying vitamins and other things. Also there are usually Prime trials available starting in September-October which are available to everyone, and I usually suggest folks hold off on joining those until the 3-month window will cover all of your holiday shopping. 🙂

  6. Yay! I am learning so much. You are so THE BOMB Mir!

    I thot the Amazon Mom offer was *forever* – did not know it was a 3-mo trial…I will sign up, oh, say….11/1 or so… thanks again.

  7. These are great. DD, who is big on disaster planning, always carries one with her. She actually saved the day when camping with her best friend, who thought shorts and a tank top would be fine with the single sheet she packed when nighttime temps were supposed to go down into the upper 50s. DD whipped out her emergency blanket and her friend was warm and cozy at night. FYI — they also make great cat toys.

  8. This was posted before the earthquake, wasn’t it? 😉 Wanna make predictions on football for me?

  9. Or use them as room darkening window covers while traveling if your children need darkness to sleep…

  10. Stocking stuffer, and one for me. Thanks, Mir.

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