Another 40% off at Dillard’s

By Mir
August 25, 2011

I have to clarify this every time I post it, so I’ll do it right up front, this time: Prices are as marked at Dillard’s right now, but those sale price represent a new 40% discount over where they were before.

Which is why there is currently an $18 designer dress sitting in my cart. I don’t really need it, but at that price….

Anyway, this is generally the sale where I go buy myself a little somethin’ pretty. Or talk myself out of it. Not sure which way it’s going to go, today, yet.


  1. Mir about 5 yrs ago I read a news report that said that Dillards has the lowest markup of all department stores. Do you have any idea if that is right? I know I grew up shopping there and still after 40+ yrs find Dillards to be one of my fav dept stores.

  2. I’m not sure, Ruth, but it wouldn’t surprise me. They consistently carry top brands at pretty competitive prices. I lurve them.

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