By Mir
August 25, 2011

Because I’m mean, I once spent a goodly portion of a road trip trying to convince my children that I’d shouted, “Turtle!” because I saw a real, live animal strapped to the top of a passing car. Eventually I had to admit that I was merely referring to one of those hard-sided car-top storage bins, but I still giggle every time I think of a car zooming down the highway, hapless tortoise stuck in the roof rack.

It’s possible I’m not right in the head.

Anyway! If you want a turtle—the storage kind, not the endangered, definitely-don’t-strap-to-your-car kind—check out today’s Real Deal at Sears: It’s a car-top carrier for just $63.74 after discounts. Apply coupon code SEARS2011 for another $5 off, and it’s just $58.74! Pickup at your local store is free.

And if you’re not into trying to convince your kids it’s a real turtle, you can always threaten that if they don’t behave in the car, they’ll have to ride in the cargo box. (Excellent parenting advice: Just another service I offer.)

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  1. Gah! I missed it! We were just talking about getting one.

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