Flip underwater, if you like

By Mir
August 28, 2011

Remember when Flip camcorders were new and exciting and hideously expensive? Yeah, me neither. But I do remember when it was announced this past spring that Cisco would no longer be manufacturing the Flip line. And then I knew it was only a matter of time before the prices dropped.

Right now at Amazon, not only is the 4GB Flip MinoHD just $49, but if you scroll down to the “Special Offers” section, you’ll see that you can get a free waterproofing kit with it, as well.

Hard to believe how excited we were when these dropped to $150 last Christmas, huh?


  1. Been wanting one of these, and I can’t resist this price! Especially with $30 worth of Amazon e-gift cards from Swagbucks burning an e-hole in my e-pocket! Thanks for the head’s up! 🙂

  2. Well, shucks… this must have been a short-lived deal, because when I put it in my cart it said $89.99. Waah! Oh well, I’ll just keep waiting….

  3. What Julie said….

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