Just a friendly Cheez-It reminder

By Mir
August 30, 2011

I know I posted about this earlier in the month, but I’m going to do it again, both because some prices have changed and because it’s ending in a few days: Don’t forget to check Amazon’s current special on Kellogg’s products, wherein you get a total of 25% off between coupon code KELBTSII and buying via Subscribe & Save.

I took advantage of this deal at the beginning of August, and I’m ashamed to say I’m back again to buy more Cheez-Its. I don’t know what it is about Cheez-Its—maybe it’s because I buy very little in the way of processed snack food?—but my kids act like the white cheddar ones are crack. Yes, I bought four boxes a month ago. Yes, they’re all gone. Yes, I’m deeply ashamed. (Though, in my defense, we did have quite a few social gatherings in that time, filled with other Cheez-Its-loving kids.) And yes, I’m buying more today.

At around just $2/box after discounts, I’m reminding myself that it makes the kids happy. And also that maybe this time I need to ration out portions.


  1. The white cheddar ones disappear ’round here, too. I’m the same way about processed foods, but even I can’t resist sneaking a handful here and there!!

  2. Oooh! Just bought some cheezits and fruit loops. Cause we are SO into the healthy food.

  3. Blueberry mini wheats! That’s my son’s all time favorite cereal! And he goes through a box every 3 days, so I’m glad amazon has it for cheap!

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