Are you ready for… Advent?

By Mir
September 7, 2011

Big thanks going out to Want Not regular—if slightly mysterious—reader M, who pointed out this morning that the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendars are back in stock at Amazon. Do note that these aren’t exactly on sale, but these will be impossible to find as we get closer to Christmas, so if you missed it last time and want one without having to trade a kidney on eBay, get moving.

Alternatively, they also have the Lego City Advent Calendar in stock for $5 less. You don’t get Yoda in a Santa suit in that one, though.

And no, before I had kids the idea of dropping $35 or $40 on an Advent calendar filled with sharp tiny pieces I would later step on had never occurred to me as a viable scenario. I’m ashamed. A little. But you haven’t seen my kid’s dimples—they defy logic and common sense. It’s not my fault!


  1. What’s the likelihood of being able to reuse one for multiple years? Counting on a Christmas miracle to keep the pieces together.

  2. Santa Yoda wins in our house everytime. The boy child got the LEGO catalog last night and spent hours choosing all the new sets he NEEDS….then suddenly comes to me and says, “Can I get this?” and was pointing to the Star Wars Advent Calendar. Um, of course!!!

    So, alas winging its way to my house is Santa Yoda and all his friends. Now how to keep him out of it UNTIL advent?

  3. Caty, I think some of the allure of the Advent calendar is the surprise of it, personally. If you already know what’s behind all the doors… well… what’s the fun in that? 😉

  4. OK, Caty brought up my question. Can I reuse this for subsequent years? Yes, I get it that the new, novelty, get-to-build-it-one-day-at-a-time-ness will be gone, but $40 for an advent calendar that I can only use ONE year is a tough pill to swallow. However, we are HUGE Star Wars fans in this house….ugh, the conflict I’m having right now!

  5. I hear you, Amy. When we buy Lego Advent stuff I just tell myself that I’m buying several small Lego sets, because that’s essentially what it is. So then when I compare the price to what we typically see Lego priced at, it doesn’t seem so bad.

  6. We usually do the chocolate calendars. No surprise there! I think I’ll hold off on spending the big bucks on an advent calendar until the kids are a bit older. I just really want to see Yoda in a Santa suit!!

  7. Funny, I was coming back with pretty much the same conclusions! Yes, I get that it’s meant to be a surprise/disposable calendar, just had to come to terms with swallowing $40 on it! 🙂 The boys will be thrilled, and we’ll still have the Christmasy legos to play with. Thanks, again, Mir, for saving me money in other places so that I can be happy spending on things like this!

  8. We reuse the Lego and Playmobil Advent calendars. The kids really don’t remember year to year. And I have enough of a collection now that I can alternate years (3 kids, each with their own). I will admit to buying the Star Wars and the new Lego one this year and a new Playmobil one with horses for my daughter. They also each get a Trader Joe’s chocolate calendar. By Christmas, between these and moving the Elf on a Shelf around, I’m ready for it all to be over.

  9. Oh thank goodness they are back in stock! I missed the Lego Star Wars calendar last time. My 8yo is going to be be a very happy boy on Dec 1!

    Thanks Mir!!!

  10. The playmobil ones are easier to re-use, the lego boxes are perforated openings into a larger box. just FYI for anyone wanting to re-use them. We re-use the playmobil, but buy lego for just one year.

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