Hopefully this isn’t an omen

By Mir
October 3, 2011

I feel a little bad starting out the week with toilet paper. But here we are.

Right now Amazon has a 18-pack of Angel Soft bath tissue double rolls available for just $7.53 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save.

The price is excellent; the weird thing is that a lot of the reviews are negative. This is the brand I routinely buy for my family, and I strongly suspect all the negative comments are from people who buy super-duper-plush Charmin and such. I… am not quite sure what all of those people are doing with their TP that they’re having a problem with it. Nor do I want to think about it. So.


  1. Much as I love Charmin, the bear ads squick me out. Isn’t Angel Soft the one with the guy yelling, “Toss me a roll?” Those are funny without being cutsie.

  2. WooHoo. I just ordered the max of 3 boxes!!

  3. That’s what we like too. We can’t use Charmin since we are on septic. We might otherwise, but only because its my husband ex wifes name and she’s mostly horrible.: D

  4. It’s 8.86 with no subscribe and save now – had to click around to avoid the non-prime option that came up first, but it was there.

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