For Halloween, or for general stress

By Mir
October 6, 2011

My thing is that I never buy Halloween candy to give out that I’ll be tempted to eat myself, because, obviously. But if you’re nicer than I am (and/or have more willpower), maybe you’ll want this deal on at Amazon: get 6 packages of Reese’s cups for just $11.48 shipped, right now. 63 ounces of chocolately, peanut-buttery goodness for under $12. That’s crazy.

But probably you should not invite me over after you buy those, unless you hide them. I’m weak around Reese’s.


  1. evil thy name is Mir! can’t. resist. ordering.

  2. I wish I could schedule the order. To arrive at, say, 6:30 pm on Halloween, and not ONE MINUTE SOONER.

  3. Brilliant! Halloween candy shopping done.

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