Hey, Mac-heads

By Mir
November 1, 2011

We run an all-Mac household, here, and so when you ask me questions about Windows computers I’m always able to respond with an erudite, “Buh?” When it comes to Macs, I am slightly more eloquent. (Only slightly, but still.)

So I can’t tell you much about the AirPort Extreme Base Station—other than, “We set it up and all the computers work great over the network”—but I can tell you that Amazon carries it for $178, and it’s really worth every penny. But the thing is, today at Cowboom you can grab a refurbished one for just $85 shipped.

If we didn’t already have one, I’d buy it. But at least I’m bringing you this post over the network on the one we already have.

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  1. We bought one (full price- groan) last month- what a great deal!

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