Get ready for teacher gifts!

By Mir
November 2, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know how I love to rock the sales at Bath and Body Works for both the foaming hand soaps and teacher gifts, right? It’s practically a yearly ritual around here.

Right now they’re running their “Buy 3, Get 2 Free” sale, and that’s pretty good, but let’s make it better: Add six (not five!) items to your cart, then apply coupon code F114850 for one free item and $10 off your entire order. So basically you’re buying 3, getting 3 free, and getting free shipping and a few bucks off, besides.

They should totally make a “Total Bargain” scent to add to their line. (It would smell like sparkly unicorns and buttercups, I’m pretty sure.) I would buy it.


  1. Do you know if the BandB hand soap still contains triclosan?

  2. Someone asked me that last time and I erroneously said it didn’t, then later (thanks to another commenter) realized that I had just missed it in the teeny, tiny print. My current batch is from well over a year ago, though, so I’m not sure if they’ve changed it.

  3. How are you getting free shipping? When I enter the code, it takes off the 6th item and gives me $10 off but not free shipping.

  4. suzanne, i think she’s saying the $10 covers shipping plus a couple bucks. that’s the way i read it and that’s what’s happening for me, too.

  5. What Amelia said—the $10 is covering your shipping and then some. Sorry if that was unclear.

  6. I’m getting the 3 free, but not the $10 off. I’m wondering if it’s because of the types of items I’m putting in (classic fragrances (cheaper!), and a cashmere shea hand cream). It says I’m not meeting the requirements of the promotion. Is there a way you could post the conditions of the code? Thanks, Mir.

  7. I found the code on Retail Me Not, and it says you have to spend $30 to get the $10 off.

  8. Aha! Beth, I bet that’s it! I was only at $29.50. I will be trying again.

  9. I started picking things out yesterday but didn’t finish — tonight, things changed to “buy 3, get 3” and I found code TENSHIP50 for $10 off $30 and free shipping (over $50). Just took care of a bunch of teacher and niece xmas gifts!

  10. I did the same thing Nancy did, and I just have to list all I got for $42.83 shipped: 3 shower gels, 3 body lotions, 5 hand soaps, and 7 of the Pocket-size scented hand sanitizers. I’m hoping this knocks out all my teacher and therapist gifts and then some!

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