Have your granola bar with some Clif protein

By Mir
November 7, 2011

I’ve not tried the Clif granola bars, yet, but I know my kids love the Clif Kids bars, and that the Clif ingredients tend not to include stuff I’m worried isn’t actually food.

Right now Amazon is showing a 2-pack of White Chocolate Macadamia granola bars—20 bars in all—for just $7.98, or $6.78 shipped when you buy via Subscribe and Save. I suspect this may be a price error (some of the other flavor options show only one box rather than two), but if you want to chance it, take a screen shot of the page and order and cross your fingers. [Edited to add: Looks like the Chocolate Chip granola bars are the same price.]

I’m going to try it. My kids love granola bars and I love that these have extra protein and mostly organic ingredients.


  1. I just tried these last week. They’re delish!

  2. I’m in!

  3. Thanks, Mir! Ordered us some of the chocolate chip. 🙂

  4. Am I missing something? When I click on the link, there is no subscribe and save option?

  5. Just cancelled my subscribe and save!! Just came home from Walmart where I saw the same box of 10 for only $2.98.

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