If you do a lot of printing…

By Mir
November 7, 2011

… you may have already considered investing in a laser printer instead of an inkjet one. Toner lasts a lot longer than ink, and in the long run, using a laser printer is cheaper. However, the outlay for a laser printer is a lot more than for a comparable inkjet. What to do?

Well, maybe you run on over to Office Depot and look at this Samsung ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer for just $49.99. True, you won’t be printing color, but if you’re mostly printing text docs, this is a great price. (For comparison: Get the same model for around $78 from Amazon, but check out the reviews there—very favorable.)

Office Depot will ship for free if your order is $50+, so throw a pen or something in your cart to get up to that to qualify.

[Thanks, Ruth!]


  1. Thank you – perfect timing, I’ve been looking for a cheap laser to use at home!!

  2. Be warned – their price on the toner cartridge is $71.99. It can probably be had for cheaper, but still…

  3. I have a two year old samsung laser printer and love it! hands down it it the best printer I have ever had. It’s a real workhorse. We have a home office + coupons + homeschool + ALL my daughter’s printables and nary a problem. I buy my toner carts from either eBay or Amazon. The high capacity carts last us about 5 months. Most people don’t do as much printing as we do. My guess is if we take out the business printing, a cart would last 8 months or so. Not bad at all.
    End of my review.
    Good bye.

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