They pass the fried egg test

By Mir
November 16, 2011

I’m trying very hard to get away from non-stick pans as a general rule; I worry about those coatings and whether or not they’re safe, and I know my kids either don’t remember or don’t care that they’re not supposed to use metal tools in those pans, too. But—I feel strongly about over-easy eggs. And the thing about a perfect over-easy (or otherwise fried) egg is that you have to have a non-stick pan.

A few years ago, my frying pans finally bit the dust, and I went ahead and replaced them with a 2-pack of Circulon pans (my preferred brand if I’m buying non-stick). I love them; my eggs come out great. But I’m only a little bitter that now Amazon is offering this Circulon Contempo 2-pan pack for just $19.48 shipped if you have Prime. That’s about half what I paid (and less than either pan on its own), and I remember thinking I was getting an amazing deal.

Hmph. You kids today have it too easy, with your cheap frying pans and everything. Get off my lawn!


  1. It says it’s eligible for the buy 3 get the fourth free promotion, but I’m not sure how to find other items that are eligible. Do you know how to find that?

  2. Paige – search for “4 for 3” under the dept you want or “4 for 3 + the name of whatever you are looking for.” That’s what I did and just bought the pans (which I desperately NEED) and 3 other items off of my wish list. Hope DH isn’t too upset when I tell him I just bought myself Xmas! But w/the super saver shipping, 4 for 3 and sale on the pans, I got the 2 pans, a cast iron skillet, a digital thermometer and a new blade for my stand mixer for $51!

  3. Looks like they’re gone already. 🙁

  4. Shucks – added to my cart and then was too slow with checkout – they are gone already 🙁

  5. So close, but I missed it 🙁 I was looking for some good pans & was thrilled by the price (& recommendation!). Put it in my cart & started looking for other kitchen items for the 4 for 3 promo. Went to check out, now it’s out of stock. I am sooooo bummed!!!!!

  6. I use a small (6″?) cast iron skillet for my easy over eggs. It’s also great for making fried egg sandwiches.

  7. Please, please, please post if you see this again. Looking for cheap stuff for my daughter’s first college apt.

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