Heads up, Kinect-wanters

By Mir
November 22, 2011

If an XBox Kinect tops your gift list this year, make sure you’re ready and waiting at the Amazon Black Friday Countdown Lightning Deals in about 20 minutes—at 11:00 Pacific, 2:00 Eastern, there’s going to be a deal on an XBox Kinect Bundle with a $100 Amazon credit back.

My guess is that it’ll be $300 with the $100 credit back, but there’s always a chance it’ll be lower, I guess. Regardless, this will sell out quickly, and while I know a certain Big Box Retailer Who Shall Not Be Named is advertising a Black Friday $200 deal with a $50 gift card back, this may be a much lower-stress way of getting a decent deal.

Me, I’m just curious to see how quickly it sells out. I’m betting about five minutes. So be poised and ready if this is what you want. May the quickest clickers win!


  1. That went super fast – not even a minute! They must have only had 12 at that price or some small number. I just need the Kinect, we already have the X-box, so I’ll just pick it up at Costco.

  2. I put it in my cart right at 11, but by the time i clicked to check out it was gone,,,,

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