Hot LEGO alert

By Mir
November 28, 2011

This is a good example of a deal you might miss if you’re not paying close attention:

Right now Amazon has the LEGO Ramses Pyramid Game for just $10, compared to $25 most everywhere else. Now… many of the other LEGO games cost less than $10, plus this one doesn’t have the best reviews, so you might just pass it by… but that would be a mistake.

This game comes with a 32×32 baseplate—for comparison, here’s one approximately the same size on sale for $7. Plus it comes with 13 minifigs (those retail for about $3-$6 apiece) and over 200 pieces, besides.

Maybe this is a so-so deal if you’re looking to play the game, but as an add-on LEGO set it’s a smoking deal for the pieces alone.


  1. so rude! yanked from my cart, no longer available 🙁
    just in the middle of check out!

  2. Darn. Ditto what Elizabeth said.

    I wish Mir was my personal shopper.

  3. The minifigs that come with the game are not full sized mini figs, but little 1 block painted game pieces.
    The game is a good deal for the base plate alone, though!

  4. Those are microfigures, not minifigures…no arms/legs don’t move. I don’t know if the heads are the same size/compatible with the minifigs.

    The fact that it has no arms may be a selling point. My kids pop the hands off the arms, the arms off the bodies, the legs apart, and of course the heads and headgear. We could make our own mutant army of minifigs.

  5. boo….It appears that it’s back to $24.99

  6. Yep, too late!

  7. Oh, those stinkers at Amazon!! Just went online, they have the game, but now it’s $15.

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