6pm just made my Sunday

By Mir
December 18, 2011

This is, so far as I know, unprecedented—today 6pm.com is offering 20% off with coupon code 6pmgift121811Ncc. And there’s still time to get your order before Christmas!

6pm’s price are already so low, another 20% off is just crazy. I mean, yes, I bought two new pairs of shoes there just a couple of weeks ago (to be fair, it was one pair of shoes and one pair of boots), but with a discount like this, I’d have to be crazy not to shop.


  1. Ah, thank you. Just got both my sons’ Keen sandals for next summer … at about the same price I usually pay for one pair. I’ve been steering clear of 6pm lately–just too tempting, especially with the free shipping deals–but succumbed this time.

  2. Boo, it told me it was invalid for the current user. Tried using my account and making another account for my husband, but no-go. Darn it! 🙂

  3. It says the coupon has been deactivated. BAH HUMBUG !!!!

  4. Code has been deactivated. Boo!

  5. dangit!

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