Everyone loves shaved ice!

By Mir
March 1, 2012

If I were a nice mom, I’d go ahead and pick up this Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver at Amazon, because it’s currently just $20.85, its lowest price ever. And what kid doesn’t love making their own shaved ice?

It would be perfect for making margaritas letting the kids create their own icy treats in the summer. And then using for margaritas for the adults. Why, I think maybe the Easter Bunny will drop this off at our house. Because he likes margaritas, too.



  1. I bought something similar about 2 years ago. Best $20 I ever spent. Definitely get this if anyone in your house likes shaved ice. My daughter just wants the ice itself. No flavorings, nothing. Just the ice!

  2. Totally now the best mommy ever…Thanks Mur!

  3. Mir! I meant Mir!

  4. Great tip, thanks! My kids will love it. They usually just go to our next door neighbor’s house and beg for shaved ice – they have had one of these machines for about a year. Now the neighbors won’t have to run and hide every time they see my kids:)

  5. Thank you!!!! I have always wanted to make shaved ice at home, and the Snoopy SnowCone Machine is so much work 🙂 My kids will be SO excited!

  6. Got mine for $19.80 after they dropped the price a bit more!

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