By Mir
March 29, 2012

My children are addicted to Ferrero Rocher. I don’t remember how it happened—it’s not as though I typically buy them nice chocolate—but ever since the first once, they’ve adored them. They also call them “frofrororos,” which I find hilarious.

Naturally, the Easter Bunny is expected to come through with some frofrororos. And it turns out that this 48-piece Ferrero Rocher box is winter holiday branded and therefore marked down to $15.95 shipped (with Prime), as compared to the 13-piece Ferrero Rocher in a bunny box which is $3 more. Hmmm… $16 for 48 pieces or $19 for 13 pieces? Decisions, decisions!

The Easter Bunny is good at math, and doesn’t mind putting the individual frofrororos into plastic eggs, making the Christmas packaging a moot point. That Easter Bunny is smart.


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