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By Mir
September 14, 2012

Apparently there’s this whole science of pillows—how long you’re supposed to use one, how to find the right squishiness level (why yes, that is the technical term), etc. (Do not get me started on websites that think it appropriate to show you a billion-times magnified picture of dust mites in order to convince you that your current mattress or pillow is crawling with nastiness. Bleah.) Me, I figure I need new pillows when my neck starts to hurt when I wake up in the morning. Or when the dog barfs on one of ’em.

Anyway, I’m kind of digging this Daily Deal at Graveyard Mall today on 2-packs of either Queen- or Jumbo-sized Homedics Micropedic pillows. I have no idea if the pillow are as great as touted—though I did check them out on the Homedics site and the reviews are great and price astronomical—but for under $15/apiece shipped I figure I’m willing to change it.

And if we hate them, maybe the dog will enjoy having a new place to yak.


  1. I have been wanting to try these — and now I have FOUR coming for less than $40 shipped! Got two sets (one jumbo, one queen) and used coupon code PILLOW15 for another $15 off. Great deal 🙂

  2. Ditto Traci!

    Unfortunately my work blocked your direct link (argh) so I had to use Google to get to the site… I hope you get credit for my purchase somehow, because without you I would have never heard of Graveyard Mall in the first place, and obviously wouldn’t have bought four pillows based on your great tip! Thank you Mir!

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