Half-price Dysons

By Mir
September 21, 2012

I still have no idea if the Dyson vacuum cleaners are actually made of unicorn fur or what, but there seem to be plenty of people willing to pay $500+ for whatever they are. Me, I feel like for that kind of money, it should also come with a swarthy young fellow named Alonzo who will vacuum my entire house and feed me grapes.

Anyway, today Woot has a refurbished Dyson DC25 Ball vacuum today for just $250, and at that price point I can see doing my own vacuuming. I suppose.

Though I still wouldn’t mind someone feeding me grapes.


  1. Oh Mir, you’re so silly. At that price, perhaps you would follow behind Alonzo a bit closely, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.
    Silly Mir.


  2. I bought mine refurbished through Woot (and pretty Mir) about a year ago. It is wonderful, as vacuums go, but I would never have paid full price. NO vacuum is worth that much, unless you are buying an industrial grade unit because you are the crazy cat lady cleaning up after fifty felines.

    I’ve short pile carpet, deep pile (almost shag, though who ever heard of berber shag??) carpet and hardwood floors, in addition to the tile in the kitchen and baths. It works well on them all.

  3. I can attest that my 8 yr old Dyson, having been used and abused daily in a house with three dogs and five kids, is still as fabulous as the day I bought it (for far more than $250 I might add)…it’s one of the few things I initially felt I had “overspent” on, but would buy again in a heartbeat.

  4. I was just thinking I should email you and tell you about this but of course, you already knew. lol I would totally buy it except my mother just gave me a brand new Kirby that she bought from a door-to-door salesman but can no longer use.

  5. Worth. Every. Penny. Especially if you have either ‘diverse’ or ‘demanding’ vacuuming needs. We’ve beaten the crap out of ours for 5 years, and its still strong.

  6. Dyson devotee here. The Hoovers I bought before for around $125 weren’t picking up as well by a year, and not at all at two. My refurb Dyson has been going strong for 5 1/2 years now, and still picks up better than the Hoovers did when they were brand new.

  7. I bought ours for the warranty. We didn’t pay $500, maybe $400 (and at the time – through wantnot – it had a bonus $100 gc for Target just when we also had to buy a car seat so it all timed out perfectly). But it had a 5 year warranty and we had basically bought a new $100 vacuum every year for a while. It was well worth it. A good vacuum and when it did start to break down (4 kids and a German Shepherd. Whaddup!), the warranty covered it. It is up in September and if it breaks and we have the wiggle room, I’ll buy another one.

  8. 5 years with a dyson here too. 3 cats and a kid…still going strong!

  9. I hate my Dyson. It sucks. (ha!) We’ve had to replace the main hose about 6 times in 6 years. We’ve had to replace other little clips and doohickeys. The power button bit the dust–twice. It’s not like we abuse the thing. We’ve found that we should never ever drape the hose over the top of it, but the damn hose manages to break ANYWAY. We’ve reinforced new hoses with duct tape, and they STILL break.

    When it’s out of commission and I have to use my old Hoover until I get the replacement Dyson part ($50 each hose, btw), I do appreciate how quiet and easy to maneuver the Dyson is. But I’m going for a Meile when this thing finally dies.

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