Leap for a LeapPad deal

By Mir
November 20, 2012

You know I’m a big fan of eschewing the latest-greatest-newest version of whatever for the deal on the previous generation (or a refurb), right? Especially when it comes to stuff for the kids. I doubt they really care if they have every bell and whistle possible when it comes to getting a new toy.

Right now Amazon is offering a sale and bundle deal on the LeapPad1, because they’re counting on most people ponying up for the LeapPad2. Heh. So yeah, sure, feel free to spend $100 on the newer version if you want, or go get the earlier one for just $60 plus get a free case.

Seems like a no-brainer, to me.

[Thanks for the tip, Brittany!]


  1. Mir,
    Thanks for this tip. I ordered 2 leap pads because I have twins and well you get the idea but I only got the bundle price for one. I was charged an additional $9 for the 2nd case. Can you help!!

  2. It may be 1 promotion per account, Sonia, but I would do a live chat with Amazon customer service to see if they’ll adjust it (often they will). Otherwise, you could cancel the second pair off your order and order from another account.

  3. Mir,
    I contacted the live help chat and she was able to credit my account the value of one cover to be used toward my next purchase. Thank you for the advice!

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