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By Mir
November 21, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It turns out that The Body Shop can’t be bothered to wait until Friday to roll out the deals. Check this out: Spend $30 and you can redeem their bonus offer, which is a “mistletote” worth $100 (cute bag filled with products) for just $30. (You’ll find it by clicking on “Black Friday Offer” in their product menu bar.)

Don’t know how to spend the $30 to get it? That one’s easy—they’re running a “3 for $30” special, too, and you know what I’m going to tell you to buy, right? (Hint: body butters. Delicious, skin-soothing body butters.) So get your three full-size body butters, add the tote, and voila! You’re paying $60 (shipping will be free) for $157 worth of items. Sounds pretty awesome to me!


  1. The price of the mistletote won’t reduce for me. Even with more than $30 in my cart. Help! What am I doing wrong ? Thank you. And you are very pretty.

  2. I… don’t know! I tested it this morning and it worked, but I did notice their site seems to be hiccuping, some. Try a different browser, maybe? Or contact their customer service?

  3. I just went to their FB page and it looks like the response was so great that the site got bogged down…keep trying, I guess?

  4. Thank you. I just has to be patient and try again. Not my strong suit

  5. This is a great deal! I think I just crossed all my kids’ teacher gifts off my list.

  6. I just snagged it! helllloooooo almond body butter & other swag!

  7. Ooh! This deal is even BETTER if you have a Love Your Body card (which I DO)–an additional 10% off means I got two body butters, my usual Body Shop moisturizer, and the Misteltote for $54 SHIPPED! Unbelievable deal!

    (Too bad I’d already bought the hemp hand cream for my husband’s stocking! Oh well–at least I know he’ll use it–that stuff is awesome.)

    When you factor in the regifting potential, this deal absolutely cannot be beat. Fantastic prices on some of my very favorite products!

    And THAT, Mir, is just one of the many many reasons I love you. Because I’m certain I got an email about this deal, but I hardly ever look at those emails! HA! Thanks for pointing ’em out for us!!!

  8. Awesome

  9. Has anyone told you how lovely you’ve been looking lately? And I’ve been noticing how fabulous your shoes have been! They totally take the spotlight of the Frankenhand, so don’t worry at all about that!

    (I think you know how to translate the above.)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mir!

  10. *off the Frankenhand

    And Erin is right! Whoo! Scored a deal on a deal!

  11. It looks like it might work! The Canadian tote bonus is different (smaller) but I THINK that you might get the affiliate link credit even though I switched countries after clicking. (Here’s hoping).

    Ps my husband says that he likes Black Friday shopping if he can do it from our living room

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