Fire and Lightning at Amazon today!

By Mir
November 26, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Here’s your daily reminder to keep your eye on the Amazon Lightning Deals, because whoa, they’ve had some good stuff lately. My standard advice on these deals is this: If there’s something you want, throw it into your cart immediately. You have fifteen minutes to check out before you lose the deal; once it’s in your cart, go do your price research and/or decide if you really want it. (Some items are at a screamin’ markdown, others pop up and the discount is minimal.) Don’t want it? Take it out and move on. Easy.

But in addition to all of that deal goodness, there’s this: Today only, buy a Kindle Fire and you can use coupon code FIREDEAL for $30 off. That makes the Special Offers version (which is the one you want, because hello, more discounts) just $129!

The Lightning Deals will continue, but the Kindle deal is good today only.

[Edited to add: Thanks to pretty reader mkw for pointing out that you can also get a highly-rated flip case for your Kindle for under $5 today!]


  1. I also have had good luck even when I ended up on the waitlist for items. Got a le Creuset griddle even though I was 80 in line and Amazon said my chances were “poor”.

  2. Awesome. A Kindle Fire will be a great family gift-at a great price.

  3. do you have a kindle? what do you need to go with it?
    i like the family gift idea for reading,
    and i see there is a way to set limits on games, unlike anything i can figure out on the ipad,,,,, and i like that cause my kids sneak the games, all night long

  4. I have an earlier version Kindle, Elizabeth. I don’t own a Fire. That said, this will work right out of the box, comes with a charger and everything. I’m not sure about parental controls… I know you can set up separate accounts (with passwords) so you can access the stuff the kids can’t. The way electronics work in our house is that they have to be put up at night or they lose them for the next day, so all Touches, Nooks, etc. are left in their designated spot at bedtime. 😀

  5. This is a great deal! I ended up going to Best Buy at around 2:00 pm on Black Friday. Waiting was minimal and I was able to get this same kindle fire for $159 plus a $30 gift card for best buy and an additional $25 gift card for best buy for opening a credit card. Incentives for opening a new credit card are something to keep in kind this time of year, for sure! Of course I can only spend my “savings” at Best Buy, but who are we kidding…. I can spend money just about anywhere! One of the gift cards will buy the case for the kindle and the other probably a game for my son’s new dsi!

  6. Glad to hear you got a great deal, Sonia! Do keep in mind that opening new credit cards affects your credit score, though. (See more on that here. Short story: too many open credit lines, even if you’re not carrying balances, can bring your score down.)

  7. FYI, Sonia. . . Amazon has the CaseCrown Ace Flip Case for Amazon Kindle Fire marked down from $31.32 to only $4.97. TGreat reviews. It comes in several different colors including black, brown, blue, white, pink, and red.

  8. Thanks mkw! I ordered the lime green one – fun!

    and thank MIR!!!! I am stoked about the Fire. I almost wasn’t going to do it, then I decided it was silly to pass it up. I have 4 kids and they are always wanting the iPad or our phones. I also took up the killer iPod Touch deal thru Nike, so now we are hoooked up!

    Oh…and a few months ago, I signed up for an Amazon Chase card, got a $50 credit and got a free Kindle Keyboard.

    I heart Amazon. And Mir.

  9. Regarding the Amazon lightning deals: once we join the waitlist, how does Amazon communicate with us if the deal becomes available to us?
    Twice today, I have gone into Amazon, and it states that I can no longer purchase my lightning deal. So that leads me to believe that at one point, it did become avl. on the waitlist. I have not seen any email…… do they tell me if it becomes avl. to me?

  10. it’s not an email, Michelle—leave an Amazon window open and it will give you a little yellow pop-up window on the upper right when a deal is available to you. That said, sometimes it will tell me my time “ran out” when it NEVER told me the deal was available (and I’m sitting here with an Amazon window open all day), sooo… it’s a little glitchy.

  11. Yes, Amazon is struggling today. It took me forever to check out earlier once the site crashed on me a few times.

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