Monster High meets Frankenstein’s lab

By Mir
November 27, 2012

I have to confess to being an old fogey and not quite getting the Monster High thing. This is basically… Barbies for the tween goth set? I’m not sure. Nevertheless, they seem to be a hot item every year.

If you want to assemble your own Monster High creations—or your kiddo dreams of being the next Dr. Frankenstein—you can actually buy a kit instead of just the doll. Who knew, right? Right now the Monster High Create-A-Monster Witch-Cat Girl Starter Set, Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon Starter Set, and Create-A-Monster Vampire and Sea Monster Starter Set are all marked down to just $11, their lowest Amazon price ever. Do note that this gives you almost enough pieces for two dolls, but not quite—it’s more of a mix-n-match one doll kind of thing, I think (poor reviews are people complaining there’s not enough pieces for two dolls).

If you want a little bling with your Frankenstein (ha), there’s also this Create-A-Monster Design Lab Mystical Add-On Pack for $6.50 (also its lowest Amazon price ever).

Creepy? Sure, but so is watching your kid dress her doll in a bikini and hooker boots. I feel like the Monster High creator might be someone kind of fun to hang around with.


  1. I wish I knew someone the right age for these. The thought of buying already dismembered dolls just cracks me up. Every time we see them in a store we laugh about how funny they are.

  2. These are great gift closet stash for future birthday gifts.

    And I have to *defend* the whole brand… the messaging on the cartoons and the materials are all anti-bullying/accept yourself and your friends for who you are, especially because you are ‘different’… be the best ‘you’. My daughter is not a Barbie kid or a princess kid, “too pink” “too girly”, but she loves the Monster High dolls.

  3. Oh, see, I had no idea about the message, Patricia. That’s good to know! And I always loathed Barbies, so I like this way better, anyway.

  4. Thanks…bought the add on and one of the sets for my 9 year old!

  5. I finally gave in and got one for my daughter. She asked for them last Christmas and I balked, but when she asked again this year I had to do it. SHe is 9 and still believes in Santa and this may be the last year… Also, thanks Patricia! I fell much better knowing that about them.

  6. I’m getting a set for my 9 year old. I’m not sure how much she likes MH (and when I texted my 12yo she said “I don’t keep track of her interests” Thanks. See if I bring you home any soup. :-P), but it’s a good deal, and I could always donate. Love the ideas behind it, thanks for posting that, Patricia!

  7. “Barbies for the tween goth set?” Nailed it. I have a 9 year-old who considers herself an “opti-goth”. Her own made up term for someone who is optimistic yet enjoys goth style. We embrace it. My older daughter is into a million different things: baking, archery, knitting, weaving, writing, you name it, but my little girl wants to play with dolls, all the time. She loves MH, and she barely even rolls her eyes when I tell her I can accept these since the tiny waists and weirdly proportioned Barbie-like bodies aren’t supposed to look just like real people. 🙂

  8. I’ve said before how much I love these dolls. To begin with, many reference literature characters which has started some interesting conversations around our house and yes, the message is very much about acceptance. And Barbies for tween goth is very appropriate. My 11 year old daughter never liked dolls but loves these dolls. It is the first “it” item I have ever approved of.

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