The bonus TV

By Mir
December 3, 2012

Amazon has been throwing a few off-brand televisions into the mix in the Lighting Deals, the last couple of weeks, but my general rule of thumb with large electronics is to buy the best brand you can afford, maybe at a smaller size, because the quality will be worth it.

And that brings us to why I still have a circa 1996 19″ analog television in the bedroom. Hey, it still works! But… yeah. Anyway, we watch TV in there maybe once a month, so I’m having a hard time justifying a replacement. And I know not to buy a crummy brand in desperation. But I’m feeling a little bit tempted by this 24″ LG LED set (this is a link to their 2-Day Sale, and the TV should be right there on the top right) that’s down to $160 with free shipping at Best Buy right now. True, it’s 720p rather than 1020p (though if you’re more than about six feet from the set, the human eye can’t tell the difference; our main set is 720p and I’m very happy with it), but LG is a fantastic brand and that’s a nice price. (For reference: My guess is that this model is discontinued; Amazon only has a refurb option, and that’s going for $190.)

If you need a little TV for somewhere in your house, you could do a lot worse, is all I’m saying.

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  1. tempting, we have the old little box in our bedroom too, I think when i upgrade I want to go a little bigger since my aged eyes are now having trouble reading the calbe options from bed, eeeek!

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