If you missed the Bond deal…

By Mir
December 5, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… it’s back! Well, sort of.

Last week when the Bond 50: The Complete 22-Film Collection on Blu-ray was in the Gold Box, it was $100 shipped. Today it’s $150 shipped, which isn’t as good as the previous deal, but it’s still $100 cheaper than anyone else has it, so if you’re a die-hard Bond fanatic and missed out last time, there you go.

Thanks to my eagle-eyed brother-in-law for spotting this one. (I’ve been feeling guilty ever since the first deal that he was bummed about missing it. Now we can load up Skype and all watch movies together, 1,000 miles apart!)

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  1. Available at Costco for $150.00 as well.

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