Plasma me, baby

By Mir
December 5, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I remember being so proud of myself when I got us our first flat-screen television, a couple of years ago. It’s a nice one, 50″ (which seemed positively gigantic at the time, but now we are spoiled and it just seems “normal”). I paid $700 and patted myself on the back for months about it.

Well, now you can pat yourself on the back for a much better deal: If you go over to Dell today and click on the “Days of Deals” link, you’ll see—among other things—a 50″ LG 1080p Plasma HDTV for just $399. Shipping is free, though I think most folks will have to pay tax.

For reference, the same TV is around $690 at Amazon, and the reviews are great.

But I still like my TV. Hey, at the time, it was a really good deal. This is just… a way better one.


  1. Clicked through your link and it shows up for $600. Is there a coupon code?

  2. Ugh. I still have the window up that shows it at $399, and you’re right, now it’s coming up $600. I wonder if it was a price mistake?? That stinks.

  3. Whether it was a mistake or a lightning quick marketing change, that’s one drawback to on-line sales. Like airline tickets, they can adjust the price on the fly as demand changes and other sellers respond.

  4. It now says that it isn’t even available at any price . . .

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