It’s beginning to look a lot like price drops

By Mir
December 6, 2012

Veteran Amazon shoppers know that right around the second week in December, price drops on toys at Amazon begin in earnest. But they start happening in drips and drabs before then, just to let you get warmed up. So while you are obviously still keeping an eye on the Lightning Deals in the meantime, I have a few toy deals for you. (These are particularly good if you’re doing Angel Tree or Toys for Tots or whatever—it couldn’t be simpler to grab some donations without spending very much.)

Robots in disguise? Sure! Pick up Transformers Prime Cyberverse Command Your World Commander Class Series 2 Deadwing for $6.12 (59% off) or Ironhide for $4.91 (67% off).

If Squinkies are more your speed, first please tell me what Squinkies are, then check these deals:
Minnie Mouse Series 1 – Beach with Tiny Toys for $4.99 (55% off)
Minnie Mouse Park Pals Series 2 Bubble Pack for $4.99 (55% off)
Hello Kitty Bubble Pack – Series 6 – Sports with Tiny Toys for $4.99 (58% off)
Boys Bubble Series 5 – Cosmic Defenders for $5.11 (57% off)
Boys Bubble Series 6 – Commando Force for $4.78 (60% off)

We’re just getting warmed up, folks. I can hardly wait.


  1. Squinkies are tiny little squishy things that can fit into a plastic ball – so you can then roll them around and through things in the ball. bsaically teeny tiny toys. Which my 3 year old is fascinated with.

  2. Squinkies are tiny little squishy characters. I think their primary purpose is to clog up the sink or bathtub drain, but to their credit they are much nicer to step on than Legos.

  3. Mir, you’re amazing at finding deals – can you help? I’ve been looking for some sort of deal on the Barbie Princess and the Pop Star 2 in 1 transforming dolls – they’re around 25 a piece. I’d LOVE to get any sort of deal on them! Even two bucks off – it’s a matter of principle now!! LOL

  4. there are some Alex toys that are at 60% off. The ready set school is a good deal for those turning 3.

  5. Randi, I’ll keep an eye out. Next week would be the time when prices are likely to dip!

  6. Bring it, sister!

  7. Thanks!! Got the boys ones.

  8. After my girls bought Squinkies a few years ago, I bought a set for my toddler boy. Twelve cars, squishy and bouncy, and they fit in an altoids tin. I keep them in my purse to pull out when we’re stuck somewhere and he’s bored.

    My girls promptly lost all of their squinkies. We completely ignore the little plastic balls that they’re supposed to use with it.

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